Second StepHero Mystery Chest Batch Goes on Sale

The Second batch of StepHero Mystery Chest sale has concluded successfully. The focus is now on giving back to the community via an airdrop campaign.

Mystery Chest Sale Records Huge Success

The second batch of the Mystery Chest Sale has ended, and it was a huge success. In addition, StepHero is currently hosting an airdrop campaign to give back to the community. 

After a couple of countdown tweets, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) GameFi protocol posted its remarkable Mystery Chest sales update. The first batch saw 8,000 Mystery Chests sold in 7 seconds, and this is even better, according to its tweet on 10th September. 

“#MysteryChest #Sale #Realtime #Updatec8,434 Mystery Chests were SOLD! What an amazing number! Congratulations to the owners of #StepHero Mystery Chests!” StepHero tweeted.

Each StepHero Mystery Chest consists of a random HERO NFT collectible in the form of a HERO character. Users can use the HERO characters to participate in the protocol’s Role Play Game (RPG), trade them on the StepHero marketplace, and unlock other deluxe features. 


The sale commenced on 10th September from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC, and 12,000 chests were available for purchase. Each NFT was sold for 98 $HERO tokens, and StepHero held an affiliate program with an 8% commission to promoters who referred users to purchase StepHero Mystery Chests. 

What’s more, a price pool of $10,000 BUSD was set for the top 33 promoters with the highest number of successfully referred transactions. 

StepHero Airdrop

The StepHero $HERO token airdrop is also live. Users stand a chance to obtain $HERO tokens from a price pool worth 2,980 $HERO. The airdrop started on 9th September and will run for seven days till 15th September. 

The first 20,000 people to complete all tasks will receive 0.1 $HERO in a First-come, First-served format. Subsequently, 10 out of the 20,000 will be selected at random to win 98 $HERO each. Interested users should visit the airdrop page to complete easy tasks and win rewards. 

StepHero confirmed the airdrop campaign on 9th September via Twitter, including the important links to the event:

“#StepHero #Airdrop #Campaign First come, first rewarded. Price pool: 2,980 $HERO tokens. Time:- Time: Sep 9 – 16:59 UTC Sep 15. Participate in:  More details:”


BSCDaily reports that StepHero sits among the elite projects on social engagement on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Play-to-Earn NFT gaming project is above some top BSC-based projects like ApeSwap, MDEX, and Launchzone. 

The latest airdrop campaign promises to expand its social engagement further. With this in mind, we anticipate a successful airdrop campaign and also congratulate the lucky owners of StepHero’s Mystery Chests. 

About StepHero

StepHero is an NFT fantasy-themed RPG on BSC and Polygon. The StepHero ecosystem is a perfect combination of NFT gaming and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), enabling users to have fun simultaneously and earn profit. 

The StepHero ecosystem comprises its already mentioned RPG game, Heroes farming, and an NFT marketplace. However, the project is more than just a game in that it also has a strong desire to help players invest in activities to earn money through gaming. 

Want to know more about the Step Hero play-to-earn game? Visit these official links:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Reddit

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