Second BSC.NEWS AMAChella Features Five NFT Projects From Binance Smart Chain

The second AMAchella finishes with an in-depth discussion and talk of a future metaverse.

The Giants of NFTs

The second AMAchella from BSC.News took over the official Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Telegram account for a few hours Monday morning. Lead Host Andrew interviewed a group of five BSC decentralized finance (DeFi) projects and delved into why the BSC ecosystem continues to be the top blockchain in the world. 

The five projects exemplified some of the top non-fungible token (NFT) and GameFi platforms on Binance Smart Chain. With the focus on NFT geared platforms, the protocols discussed many of the features that set them apart. 

One specific highlight and teaser is the growth of the metaverse––a new and growing term in the crypto world.

“Our vision is that there is no singular metaverse, whereas the blockchain is the metaverse itself and that all metaverses should be interconnected to form one metaverse.  To make this possible, the team’s focus is on NFT interoperability, creating multiple utility [sic] for NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain,” wrote Soon of MOBOX, in his response to Andrew’s first question describing MOBOX and their team.

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GameFi and Metaverse’s

The use cases of NFTs are growing by way of the examples on display. From games to art, teams build on various use-cases to find the best way to attract more users.
Games have begun to be very popular with platforms like MOBOX, BunnyPark, and My DeFi Pet. 

There are also platforms without gaming at their center. BakerySwap functions in a more traditional DeFi way by giving NFTs the mechanisms of an Automated Market Maker (AMM).

The platform recently added some GamificationFeatured by Binance acts as an incubator for artists and brands and currently has an exhibition with Korean artists.

The most exciting piece of discussion is undoubtedly the parlance over the Metaverse and the future of NFTs. Hopefully, the Metaverse will find a bridge to combine the various platforms on the same blockchain to interact smoothly. 

We may not see complete integration of all projects, but the teases show that development teams are thinking big with NFTs and their potential.

Astrid from My DeFi Pet confirmed she sees the metaverse as the next step in NFTs: “I personally think that Metaverse will be the next flow from NFT.”

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For more Information on each project, find them at their socials:

My DeFi Pet: Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium |   

BakerySwap: Website | NFT Gallery | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

Feature By Binance: Website | Twitter | Blog |

MOBOX: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |   

Bunny Park: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium |

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