Second Batch of MVB IV Projects Incubated by BSC

The second batch of the latest MVB edition comprises seven projects.

Second Batch of MVB IV Project

The second batch of projects has been enrolled into the Most Valuable Builder (MVB IV) incubation program. In contrast with the first batch, which saw Binance Smart Chain (BSC) select 22 projects in January, the latest set features just seven projects. 

As expected, all seven projects would compete against each other in Monthly Stars and for Top players, of which both categories will receive guaranteed investment offers. BSC published the selected projects on February 14th through Twitter, with an image that disclosed that over 250 projects applied for the incubation program. 

“February brings the second batch of #MVBIV projects entering our MVB incubation Program. These 7 projects will gain access to a series of incubation events, mentorship, marketing, operations, and community support from the #BSC ecosystem,” the tweet reads. 

The Seven selected projects | Source

The MVB program exists to accelerate the top Decentralized Applications (dApps) and builders in the BSC ecosystem. BSC has welcomed over 900 projects for the past three seasons of the innovative program. MVB IV is based on the MetaFi concept, building a smarter Decentralized Finance (DeFi) for the Web3 universe. 

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