Season 3 of Binance Labs Incubator Program Ready to Promote 9 Projects

Incubator program will provide much-needed support to help boost all the participating projects.

Binance Incubator Program Season Three

The third season of the Binance Labs Incubator program is set to begin today, November 15. The special incubation booster program will support nine promising projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) over an eight-week span.

The Binance Labs ecosystem will incubate all nine projects with several helpful features. The protocols will all receive seed investment, mentorship, networking, and holistic support. All projects will be presented to industry professions following the eight weeks in hopes of solidifying concrete collaborations moving forward.

“Our program has successfully incubated major projects for the industry in the past through other seasons of Incubation Program, and we hope to see the same track records from this season’s projects,” said Chase Guo, Investment Director at Binance Labs in a press release on November 11.


The third season of Binance Labs also features a special co-organizer, DoraHacks, a global hackathon organizer and crypto community developer. Binance Labs invited an array of mentors from the crypto industry, including the Binance team, venture capitalist investors, and the leaders of previous projects that participated in the incubation. 

“Binance Labs Incubation Program was first created to nurture potential and promising entrepreneurs and projects that can accelerate the adoption and innovation in the industry,” said Bill Chin, the Head of Binance Labs Fund. “Through the Incubation Program, we hope to help the future industry key players go through easier ways of development and I am sure our team and the mentors can also be inspired by the fresh and new insights of the talented founders and teams all around the world.”

Incubation Program Participants

The participating projects had to be on their game and apply months in advance back in August 2021. There were nine different global projects this round selected to participate in the program. 

The nine projects specialize in various topics, including Play-to-Earn Gaming, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Cross-chain bridging, and more. 

Block Ape Scissors (GameFi) – a play-to-earn ecosystem built on BSC, building exciting, diverse, and rewarding opportunities.

Tranching Protocol (DeFi) – a yield optimizer and hedging protocol that implements tranching for yield farming.

GAT Network (GameFi) – a network of NFT trading and gaming projects that has already helped launch several projects on BSC.

Wombat – (DeFi/Stableswap) a hyper-efficient multi-chain stableswap protocol.

Bird.Money (DeFi/Credit) – an innovative decentralized oracle empowering blockchain developers with access to plug and play analytics products for next-generation web platforms.

Mint Club (Social) – a smart token building platform without the need for coding or providing liquidity on the BSC.

Raydius (Bridge)  – a middleware solution designed to create a more connected blockchain ecosystem.

Copycat Finance (Trading) – decentralized copy trading and copy farming platform on BSC where the innovative social trading meets the high yield social farming revolution.

SkyArk Studio (GameFi)  – a Singapore-based play-to-earn gaming studio.


“All of these incubation projects have strengths in what Labs has been looking into. We are excited to support them at an early stage and contribute to the future of the industry through mentorship,” proclaimed Ken Li, Investment Director at Binance Labs.

Binance Labs has announced the opening of Season 4. Applications will be open for submission around March of 2022. The Binance Labs Incubator program has helped bring about impressive crypto projects, including Polygon (formerly Matic), Injective Protocol, and SafePal. 

“Binance Labs Incubation Program was an important momentum if we see the history of this project. Through the programs Binance Labs has prepared, we could develop our business more, and eventually, we were able to launch our tokens through the Launchpad,” said Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, who will attend Season 3 as a mentor.

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