Seascape Network To Build Games On Binance Smart Chain

Ethereum-based gaming platform Seascape previously confirmed that its coming products will be presented across the chains and are supported by Binance Smart Chain. The investment is part of Binance’s $100 million Accelerator Fund and will further expand blockchain ecosystem building and foster the efficient interaction of DeFi and CeFi.

In September 2020, the power behind the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange launched a $100 million funding program aimed at investing in development projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Owing to Binance Smart Chain 2021 vision, Binance targeted the gaming industry as one of the most notable categories that will matter this year. Prior to the Seascape network, the company has partnered with other blockchain-powered gaming platforms and projects such as Arkane, Blink and Rocket game. Seascape Network is a new gaming ecosystem specializing in providing gamers with a dedicated infrastructure and useful services to create, secure, and integrate digital assets (NFTs, Crowns).

Bocklords, the platform’s first product, achieved some great results with thousands of participants and month-to-month income generated in the beta phase. Following the initial success, Seascape continues to expand great potential in the next generation of gamification.

Seascape gaming projects enrolled in the BSC Fund will get a wide range of support from Binance, including additional investment from Binance X and Binance Labs, high-speed tracking security audit, cross-chain DeFi interoperability and many more advantages. Specifically, BSC will offer a dual-chain infrastructure, which enables high-speed, scalable access and cost-effective solution for game release on the Seascape platform.

According to CEO and creative director of Seascape, David Johansson, Binance not only provides an unbeatable solution for scalability but allows the gaming platform to keep up with Ethereum value and liquidity. This partnership will enable Seascape to set up a superior ecosystem designed around the DeFi and NFT Economies that users can participate in.

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