Seascape Network Opens up Season 1 of Staking Salon

NFT and DeFi gaming Platform, Seascape has launched Season 1 of its third modularized DeFi game, Staking Saloon. It is now live and users can get ready for some ‘gun-blasting good time’ on the protocol. Season 1 of Staking Saloon is packed with actions that will allow users to stake Scapes (the platform’s original NFTs) for Crowns (its universal token, $CWS).

Introducing Staking Saloon!

Seascape is giving DeFi users in the cryptosphere a chance to have fun while still earning. The gaming platform built around NFT and DeFi had earlier launched NFT Brawl, a game that allows players to spend Scapes to earn Crowns by entering an underground lair. Now Seascape has launched Staking Saloon, a brand new shoot-’em-up game based around cryptocurrency. Season 1 of the Staking Saloon sees users staking Scapes of various power levels to rake in a shiny new stack of Crowns which will be distributed based on the quality of Scapes traded in. With three Scapes of their choosing, players will have to find and charm the white-haired cowboy in his staking quarters to earn the best rewards.

Why Visit the Saloon?

Players will be able to participate in the hefty pool reward of Season 1 of Staking Saloon for 21 days. Since Seascape is hosted on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocol, each protocol offers a different reward (ETH reward pool:10k CWS; BSC reward pool: 30k CWS). Players also are able to earn bonus rewards with over 60k in Crowns available in rewards. The game has about 300 different bonus combos available to players, although they are not yet all publicly available. However, users can get hints on a few possible combos in the initial days of the game before they are made publicly available to aid players in their staking plan. 

How to Play Staking Saloon

The first step is to acquire some stake as these NFTs are essential to playing the game. Scapes are available on DEXes like BakerySwap, OpeanSea or Treasureland. Users can also lay their hands on a few Scapes by playing NFT Brawl, as players can spend Crowns to get freshly minted Scapes.

Users then need to stake their Scapes NFTs to enable reward-earning. 

After staking, users can get extra special combo rewards and then claim these rewards which mean that the staked NFTs will be burned in the process.

Rinse and repeat to continue to play-to-earn!

For now, players will only be able to participate in Staking Saloon using first-generation Scapes. Players should note that Scapes vary in quality and generation and at the moment, the Seascape ecosystem only has first-generation Scapes floating in the system. As future generations of Scapes are released, players will have more tokens with unique qualities to utilize. To get bonuses, players must stake a combination of Scapes that vary in quality, with these varying qualities giving major power-ups to players. The Scapes quality scale ranges from Common to Legendary. Staking 3 Common Scapes gets a 5% bonus in addition to earned Crowns while staking 2 rare capes and an Epic gets you a bonus of about 35% in addition to regularly-earned Crowns.

About Seascape

Seascape is a game platform built on Substrate designed around NFT and DeFi economies. The platform aims to incentivize users to buy, trade, stake and mint NFTs while playing unique games. Developed by the award-winning BLOCKLORDS team and powered by the Crowns token, Seascape is a DeFi game that is off (and on!) the chain. 

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