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“Scary Games has been assisting in network NFT gaming and blockchain projects since 2017, they are ceded in Lisbon capital of Portugal Europe, where they have already collaborated with Satoshi Games, titans, and others.”

Andrew (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Scary Games!

Today we have @thecoxas joining us to talk about their new project

Great to have you here

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

Hello! Thank you for hosting us here! Nice to write about us here

Andrew (BSC.News)

So how this will work is, the AMA will consist of two rounds. The first round will be us going through the questions that I had prepared for you before hand. And then the second round will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in. The second round is also where we will select the two winners of our giveaway

Sound good?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

Perfect let’s go

Andrew (BSC.News)

Great, so to start things off

1. Please introduce yourself and the team behind Scary Games.

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

I’m Leonardo Lattari founder and main developer of Scary Games, since 2017 I have work on crypto space as investment and active on how could we connect more people at the crypto space, and bring then passive incomes, with this philosophy we have founded ScaryGames a platform for everyone.

For this we have Carlos Alberto from Satoshi Monsters as our Main developer Bernard Hardman, our editor and partner in front with a team of 8 programmers and other 3 developers. And we are in two offices one in south of Brazil other in Lisbon Portugal!

Andrew (BSC.News)

Nice! Thank you Leonardo!

2. What is Scary Games? What is your overall goal of this project?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

We developed a platform for host NFT,  Farm games and also a big space for Free2play games. 

Our purpose is to bring blockchain games to everyone!

Ours users can interact in a very easy and intuitive way for daily rewards, on Scary Doors for example, our first NFT game we have a 100% guarantee of rewards for our players, daily! And no need to be a expert to make profit, this is the way crypto games should be, as everyone who plays makes the day!

Andrew (BSC.News)

Oh 100%?

Okay Im really interested, but before we get more into that let’s talk about your token first

3. Can you tell us what $SCY is and the utility of it?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

Our Token, Scary $SCY will have many utility’s on our platform, for stake to earn NFT, for buy energy to the monsters keep playing on Hunt mode or for buy all the items for the farm game for example.

We have partnered with to open as soon as we launch a pool for SCY/BNB farm with high Apy, as well every new free2play game has a pool to pay the rewards at With the dividends, the same will be apply for our liquidity, a part of it will be staked on the platform generating incomes daily for buyback of our token, increasing the rewards and the token value.

Andrew (BSC.News)

Is the token for sale already?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

We will have a pre sale at 11/11 and after this can buy on the p2pb2b.Io launchpad or on the launch on BitMart and Dex

Andrew (BSC.News)

Ah gotcha, thank you

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

To get whitelisted just play our Free2play game and wait for e mail confirmation

Andrew (BSC.News)

Okay sounds good!

4. Can you tell us more about the gameplay?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

All the monsters are a unique digital NFT, and they begin at the same level. In the Hunt mode the monster can levels up visiting the Doors during the game. Each 100 Doors visited grants 1 level up through level 500.

Every monster has enough energy to enter at 5 doors per day for free and acquire SCY. 

In the Battle mode each player will access a Arena through one of the 300 Doors in a battle involving fisics, against other player. We have a very easy and intuitive way for everyone interact on ours games

Andrew (BSC.News)

And the higher level you go, do you earn more?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

As all doors receive rewards just to be part of the scene were the monsters are rewarded, every level up is a guarantee to more rewards, we have calculated about 2k tokens for each monster just playing for free the game


Andrew (BSC.News)

Okay very cool!

5. What makes Scary Games unique compared to the other GameFi platforms out there?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

We have developed a unique system of rewards based on a defi platform to bring more and more rewards to our ecosystem, as well all the games we host are developed by our team and integrated with the platform. 

With our tokenomics and partnerships advance in the launch guarantee our users a better allocation of theirs investments and like this a bigger ROI. Our games has a 100% of winning performance, so Depending the way the player interact with the game have more or less rewards, but the rewards are daily!

Different than others games that you need to be an expert to win we have a fair mode that only depends on how much you play

Creating a defi space with more fun on the process

Andrew (BSC.News)

Okay, so one thing I want to get more in-depth about are the rewards and how they affect your ecosystem, but let me ask the other questions first and see if it gets answered

6. Tell us more about the Scare Reward Levels and how users can increase their levels.

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

As the monster level up more rewards will be collected on the Scary Doors game, so basically for keep playing the monster will need more energy, this will balance the rewards and the token economy, as some point the scare reward level will be much more higher allowing the player collect much more tokens without the necessity of buy so much energy.

It’s a based table of a scale to more rewards

Andrew (BSC.News)

Okay nice, yeah that precisely answered my question

Which was going to be on the mechanics to keep token price stable

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

We have the liquidity of our token split in two different ways: 30% will be allocated on generating dividends daily, this allows our contract to make basic two things, a buyback without selling our token in some point and also give our rewards pool a sustainable growing, other 70% will be locked forever on Pancakeswap and with autoshark protocol

This is a first time the development of a token includes on its mechanics a other platform to generating buyback power

We have generating like this alone a 300% annually growing to our main liquidity

Andrew (BSC.News)

Okay very nice!

7. Can you briefly describe to us all of the various rewards you offer on your platform?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

Our first free2play game will be running for more less 90 days:

Everyone can play and have a chance to win

5x prizes in 10$ each everyday!

Scary tokens AirDrop is giving 10 wallets 100 SCY tokens everyday, the winners announce at the end by mail notification and have a chance of a prize drawn of 1.000,00$ each 5 times

At Scary Doors game 

The 300 Doors, will work like a land and will collect 10% of all the SCY produced on their territory, also a boost with Jaws for 150 of then and with Cake for the other half.

55 million tokens are initially allocated for the NFT holders exclusively it’s about 40K for each, creating a scarce resource that’s will be accessible through Scary Doors Game.

More free2play games will integrate on our platform

Andrew (BSC.News)

Okay awesome

8. In what ways are you focused on the longevity of your platform?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd


As We have already done for the launch on 2 centralized exchanges and at Autoshark and Pancakeswap, we expect a huge volume and attention to our token and a scarce of avatars, so ours genesis monsters, only they will be able to hatching, also the battlefield will be creating a player’s vs player’s scenarios, after this done we will release the farm game to integration of all players, as we will be constantly developing new free2play games and bring more users and developers to join us!

Andrew (BSC.News)

Yup and the mechanics for token price correct?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

This will make a great boost over the timeline

Benefits for holders and a guarantee to grow in value of the assets

As 100% of the NFT sale will supply this pool we can expect only green on our token chart for long time!

we have a transparent way and all the transactions and prizes are post on our media

This project has been able to run since its concept because we have a huge pool at Autoshark for development of all features we need, as this we can keep growing, and the early investors have their funds allocated just for their own!

Andrew (BSC.News)

Okay super neat!

9. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

Our INO will take place in 27/10 on BabylonsNFT.Io only 300 monsters and 100 Doors will be offered, 

We have already launched our first free2play game and paid 35 unique address every week, our token will have a launchpad at p2pb2b.Io also a huge launch on BitMart early December, at January we will have our nft game launch and new free2play game release, for next year also our farm game will go live so it’s a lot of features for our token on near future! Thank you !

Andrew (BSC.News)

Awesome! How exciting

Could you please provide us with links to your social media accounts?

Scary Games My Monster Factory Ltd

Of course!

Read the latest news and learn more about dapps at our website




Andrew (BSC.News)

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