Sandman Finance’s Third Layer “DESPAIR” is Here!!

We have been waiting desperately for the release of Sandman Finance’s third layer: Despair. The wait is over! They are proud to present their third layer, which has been reviewed as a low-risk assessment by Rugdoc. Also, they have passed all audits and KYCT (Know your crypto Team) process with Audit SC, which is A top audit agency worldwide.

For those who don’t know about Audits.SC, it is a leading company in blockchain security, smart contract analysis, and the use of cutting-edge AI technology. They protect, analyze, and enhance blockchain protocol standards by guaranteeing that every function within an intelligent contract is evaluated.

After the Launch of Sandman finance, layer three DESPAIR, they have undergone specific audits and assessments. They have been awarded the best review as of now.

It’s time to explore what we will precede on their 7-layer route after a fantastic Layer 2 delirium and the Launch of third layer despair. Let’s go right into the fantasy!

Main Characteristics of Despair Launch Strategy is a fair launch of this layer. Their main objective is to give the best possible situation for their investors and mix and match diverse techniques to get the most outstanding possible outcomes.

Fair Launch

The following are the release dates of the despair token as announced by Sandman Finance.

Token Launch is on October 6th, 2021, and farming will begin on October 11th, 2021. Excited? Once the game is released, you can harvest despair and stake despair on vaults to gain prizes such as USDC. Keep the despair token until layer 4 goes live.

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