Sandman Finance Layer Seven Introduces Death Kingdom

Sandman Layers are a new feature that allows you to increase the value of your Sandman Token by following the comic dream journey. All levels will have access to the maximum supply. Sandman Finance has launched a new and last tier, Death, based on the success of earlier layers. The Death Kingdom is the most prominent element of this tier.

We’d like to explain a bit more about these kingdoms. Sandman finance’s kingdoms are pools from which users may earn DAI and other collaboration tokens as dividends. Each layer will have a separate name for this part. This region is known as the Death Kingdom in Death’s Layer (the present one). In the active Layer’s Kingdoms, every CARD holder will be able to raise their revenue. Each card will only be used once in each kingdom’s tier. The death token is found on the third tier. Staking the Death token will net you prizes. Let’s discuss about the Death Kingdom in this article.

Death Kingdom

  • Invest in the DEATH KINGDOM with your $DEATH Token.
  • Earn other tokens as a prize for that Death Kingdom.

The Harvest Game

  1. Stake $Death in the Prediction Harvest Game to obtain other tokens.
  2. Playing a price prediction game (MATIC/USD) will help you get rid of harvest lockup.
  3. Use your NFT card to increase your benefits.
  4. Chain-link powers Oracle and VFR Random.

How To Play

  • Stake Death and Earn Token Reward1 (a) – To increase your rewards, choose your NFT card.
  • Look up 4hs in the harvest.
  • Play the prediction game if you wish to harvest early.
  • Each round lasts 5 minutes.
  • Decide whether the Matic/USD value is bullish or bearish. You can harvest early if you win!

There is no charge. Only the network cost is charged.

Death Kingdoms Roadmap

On Death Farm, they have 5 Kingdoms in the entire FARM

  • The Life Kingdom on Jan 23th to Jan 26th
  • The 1st Death Kingdom on Jan 30th to Feb 2nd
  • The 2nd Death Kingdom on Feb 4th to Feb 8th
  • The 3rd Death Kingdom on Jan 10th to 14th
  • The 4th Death Kingdom on Jan 17th to 21st

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