Sandman Finance Layer 2 Highlight: The Madness Kingdom

Sandman Layers allow you to raise the worth of your Sandman Token by following the comic dream trip. The maximum supply will be available to all levels. From the success of previous layers, Sandman Finance introduced a new layer, Delirium: Going Inside. The key feature of this layer was the kingdoms.

Today, we’ll be talking about Sandman Finance Layer 2, Delirium, which included two kingdoms part of NFT cards.

There were two kingdoms of madness in this layer.

  • $5000 PolyAlpha Rewards
  • $5000 Polyp up Rewards

On each one, Sandman finance was able to reward their loyal community. What was the entire madness kingdom about?

The Madness Kingdom was a feature that served as a collaborative project incubator. In this project, people who wished to farm their money in the traditional method could use any two madness kingdoms to stake Delirium and earn rewards.

Two Kingdoms Of Madness:

You could select your NFT card designated for each layer in the two kingdoms of madness and start to play. Once you entered the game, you would have to guess the Bull or Bear Matic/USD value. It didn’t take long or consume much of your time.

Each game round was about 5 minutes long, but if you won, you could harvest earlier. The name of this game was “prediction,” but if you didn’t want to play, harvesting by looking up 4hs and earning your token was an option.


We want to add a little more about what these kingdoms are. Kingdoms are Sandman finance’s pools from which users can earn dividends in DAI and other collaboration tokens. This section will have a different name on each layer. For example, in layer 2, Delirium (the current one), this section was called the Madness Kingdom.

Any CARD holder will be able to increase their revenue in the active Layer’s Kingdoms. Each card will be used only one time in each layer per kingdom. The third layer includes the Despair token, the one that comes after the second layer, Delirium. You will also earn rewards by staking the Despair token.

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