Sandman Finance Launches the Delirium Layer while listing on Beefy Finance

There is currently not many yield farm platform available on the Polygon Network that stand out as well as combines fantastic art with a high APR. The Delirium layer by Sandman Finance should not be forgotten when looking into DeFi on the Polygon environment.

Sandman Finance is currently providing great investment opportunities for those interested in passive income programs. Better yet. Sandman Finance has some great news to share in this area. Sandman has launched several new features that have made the competition challenging for others. For a better understanding, Binance took the initiative to give a detailed review of what Sandman is about?

From Sandman Farm Stealth Presale to the Delirium Layer Activation

Continuing from an amazing Stealth Presale, the team wanted to share the project’s long-term goal with the rest of the community. They developed a whole DeFi Universe for their project, drawing influence from Neil Gaiman’s publication Sandman.

This is the first step of their long-term strategy, in which they will build seven levels, each representing a chapter of the book

The Sandman: Endless Nights.

Chapter 1: Death — Death and Venice

Chapter 2: Desire — What I’ve Tasted of Desire

Chapter 3: Dream — The Heart of a Star

Chapter 4: Despair — Fifteen Portraits of Despair

Chapter 5: Delirium

Chapter 6: Destruction — On the Peninsula

Chapter 7: Destiny — Endless Nights

Sandman Finance Layers always includes:

  1. Farming
  2. Vaults
  3. Kingdoms
  4. NFTs

The Delirium Layer offers the following


Sandman incorporates elements from a variety of launch techniques, including fair and presale.

In this approach, they increase security while also benefiting the community.


Sandman took farming a step further to assist the community in achieving better earnings by doing auto-compounding without the requirement for investor participation.


Bot detection measures are being implemented to protect legitimate investors in our community.

Kingdom of Madness

The Madness Kingdom is a feature that serves as a collaborative project incubator. Farming In this project, people who wish to farm their money in the traditional method can do so.


Sandman Finance will feature seven levels, much like the comic. Those will be distributed gradually.

The Preludes & Nocturnes of Sandman Finance

This is volume one of Sandman, according to the comic book. Morpheous’s Imprisonment and Release from the Endless are the titles allotted.

This is the initial step of their long-term strategy, in which they will build seven levels. According to The Sandman: Endless Nights: The Comic Book, Layers will take the shape of Sandman’s brothers.

The Doll’s House of Sandman Finance

This is the second volume launched by Sandman, and we think it is a significant step towards success as this as revived Sandman in this stage this includes:

  1. Farming
  2. DEX
  3. AMM
  4. IFO

NFTs in Sandman Finance:

The sandman finance team proudly presented the Endless NFTs Cards as part of the community adventure across the sandman realm.

The Sandman Finance Gambling Engine will be NFT’s Cards. The Chain-link Randomness engine will create each skill at random.

Simply keeping the NFT card in your wallet will provide you with benefits across all levels. Sandman Finance’s 7 Layers will continue to profit from NFT.

What Are Sandman’s NFT Cards?

To better comprehend what CARDS are and do, users should keep in mind the following points.

The NFT’s designs are based on the characters of the comic.

There is going to be one character (1 CARD) representing each Layer (7).

There will be a presale token for every Layer, followed by a redeeming process in which this token is exchanged on a 1-1 ratio for the farming token of the respective Layer.

Example: Delight (Presale token) x Delirium (Farming token)

-During the redemption process of every Layer, users who hold at least one presale token will receive, along with the farming token, the NFT CARD from that Layer.

-Wallets cannot receive NFT CARDS duplicates, meaning it will only be possible to obtain 1 NFT during the redeeming process of each Layer.

-Users will get benefits across all layers simply by holding the NFT CARDS in their wallets.

-These benefits will last across the following layers as well.”

“Skills & Tools Of Power from Sandman Finance”

When a CARD is created, a random set of SKILLS is assigned using Chainlink’s Random Engine. Users can see this info through the NFT’S VIEWER added to the website.

A card can get seven different SKILLS during the minting process: Agility, Wisdom, Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Magic, Generation. To know more about each of them, follow this link: 

All the SKILLS can be enhanced by using TOOLS OF POWERS, artefacts (other kinds of NFTs) available for purchase throughout the different layers. 

There will be different TOOLS OF POWERS available for purchase on each Layer, and each of them can be used to boost other SKILLS on the CARDS.

During this Layer, the following totems are going to be available for purchase:

  • Helmet
  • This Totem increases strength and agility.
  • Physical damage assistance.
  • Sand Pouch
  • This Totem increases magic and intelligence.
  • Magical damage assistance.
  • Dream Stone
  • This Totem increases magic and intelligence.
  • Supernatural damage assistance.”


Each Layer will be equipped with its NFT Card. Each Layer has one card, and strength will be one of the abilities on each NFT Card.

  1. Strength:

A hero’s physical power is represented by the word “strength. “When utilizing most forms of biological damage weapons, your power of the attack is determined on your strength.

  • Agility:

Coordination, physical flexibility, response time, and balance are all aspects of agility. The character’s evasiveness is determined by agility.

  • Endurance:

Physical endurance reflects health and stamina, as well as the worth of life. Thus it is critical. Stamina influences the chance of a character being controlled by disadvantages in addition to health.

  • Intelligence:

The capacity to study and think is represented by intelligence in character. The number of spells a hero can cast, the difficulty of the opponent’s spell resistance, and the damage the spell deals with are all affected by intelligence.

  • Wisdom:

The capacity to make the appropriate judgments at the right moment is referred to as wisdom. It is used to deliver more precise punches and to better dodge attacks.

  • Magic:

The strength of the hero’s spiritual force is represented through magic, and magic damage is reduced when a hero’s magic power is higher.

  • Generation:

This Layer is where this NFT was created.

  • Experience:

In each kingdom or fight, the player gets experience points; the more experience the character has, the better.

Tools Of Power:

All the SKILLS can be enhanced by using TOOLS OF POWERS, artefacts (other kinds of NFTs) available for purchase throughout the different layers. 

There will be different TOOLS OF POWERS available for purchase on each Layer, and each of them can be used to boost other SKILLS on the CARDS.


During this Layer, the following tokens are going to be available:

  • Helmet

This Totem increases strength and agility and physical damage assistance.

  • Sand Pouch

This token increases magic and intelligence (Magical damage assistance).

  • Dream Stone

This Totem increases magic and intelligence.

How To Use NFT cards at the Delirium Sandman Finance Layer

There are two ways to utulize our NFT’s, in KINGDOMS and BATTLES.


Kingdoms are Sandman finance’s pools from which users can earn dividends in DAI and other collaboration tokens.

This section will have a different name on each Layer. In Delirium’s Layer (the current one), this section is called the Madness Kingdom.

Any CARD holder will be able to boost their earnings in the active Layer’s Kingdoms. Each CARD can only be used ONCE per KINGDOM per LAYER.

If on Delirium (Layer 2) we have 3 Madness kingdoms, you’ll be able to use it once on each Madness Kingdom.

However, you’ll be able to use that CARD once again in the following layers. As well as in any new KINGDOM(pool) added to the current Layer.

NFT’s Battles

NFT’s Battles are yet to be deployed but for now, let’s go over their basic rules:

Any CARD holder will be able to gamble only on their held card, and it’s called a corner.

With every cardholder using their card, their corner gets stronger. Each battle will last 1-5 minutes, and every time you use a CARD, in either KINGDOMS or BATTLES, it will gain more EXPERIENCE. 

All the CARDS start with 0 EXPERIENCE. The more EXPERIENCE a CARD gets, the more accurate its hits become.


NFT’s holders will be able to auction their CARDS on the platform soon.”


The priority is security. Delirium Farm was created from the bottom up with safety in mind, and we value your confidence and peace of mind.

They included excellent practices from a variety of projects. Their development team then combined and enhanced the code, resulting in one of the most efficient programs available. Several times, their base code has been audited.

To further safeguard your cash, they use the most secure, audited, and battle-tested programming available. There are no rug-pulls here since the migrator functionalities have been deleted.

Final Thoughts:

We have thoroughly reviewed sandman finance, and we are hoping to see it progress. It seems that it will be successful in the future. With the launch of NFT cards, Sandman marked its name among the other competitors in the market. The seven skills and tools enhance the reliability and performance of Sandman finance NFT cards. However, for now, there are only two ways, such as kingdoms and battles, to use NFT cards. But Sandman is working on enhancing ways to utilize these NFT cards to improve productivity.

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