Sandman Finance Governance Proposals

Sandman Finance has now been listed on, meaning that anyone who is part of the Sandman Finance community can now leave their votes behind in some of the most important updates that Sandman Finance will release in the near future.

 Sandman Finance on Snapshot

Now that Sandman Finance is available on Snapshot more and more community members are contributing back to the project and leaving their suggestions and feedback behind to the team of Sandman Finance. An example of how the Snapshot environment allows the Sandman Finance ecosystem to be governed better is the example below:

How Much should we boost Native Pools at Farm ending?

We want to boost native pools in the last 72hs of farming.
How much do you think we should boost?

Disclaimer: Boosting native pools will inevitably lower non-native pools.

Sandman Finance Native Pools Boost at Farming End

The team of Sandman Finance are inviting you to leave your suggestions about the future of the Sandman Finance Project.

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