Sandman Farm is growing towards the number one staking platform on Polygon and now partners with PolyCrystal


The most talked-about topic during the DeFi summer of 2020 was yield farming. The entire amount of money locked in cash pools is expected to reach robust growth in 2021! Today, Sandman Farm presents an outstanding investment opportunity.

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The First Week Of Farming Was A Huge Success:

The first few days were planned for the Sandman farming platform, and a short-term plan was created to make this farming platform successful which turned out to be very effective and was a huge success.

You might be wondering, what is yield farming? Yield farming is a way for cryptocurrency investors to make money off their purchases. You bet it is. And guess what? By placing cryptocurrency units into a lending system, it is possible to earn interest from trading fees.

The protocol’s governance token also provides additional incentives to some users. This layered project was designed from the start to have a 2–3 week per layer timeline and a maximum output. That indicates we should have lower APRs (Annual Percentage Rate), but they should be more reliable. High APR projects have been known to vanish swiftly in the past. We’ll be releasing some new features and VIP benefits in each tier.

●      Community Expansion:

With huge success after the first week of farming, a rise was seen in the number of followers on different digital media platforms such as telegram and Twitter. The community has expanded to almost 4 thousand members within the first week of farming which has marked a huge victory for Sandman. 

So make sure to look around and think about joining the Sandman community!

●      Token Price At $5:

Sandman has wonderful prizes in store for you. Let’s have a look!

The contract with Morpheus Token is invoiced as part of the PolyWantsACracker presale. A total of 30,000 promotional tokens had been pre-minted and were offered for $5 USDC each. The presale lasted for 179,800 blocks, yet it was over in less than 30 seconds, but the best part was that the holders of Morpheus tokens could trade them 1:1 for Sandman tokens within the terms of the agreement.

Dream Kingdom- a feature that serves as a hub for collaborative projects. You can receive Token rewards by Swap tokens. Later, swap tokens are converted into Utility tokens by us!

Latest Features:

Some incredible Characteristics have not yet become a part of other cryptocurrencies. Some of these qualities are listed below, which have a huge role in the success of yield farming through Sandman:

●      Vault:

Vaults are more advanced farms that perform automatic compounding without requiring investor participation. It basically takes your rewards, sells half of them, re-stakes the LP, and gives you cash. It’s like everything is done for you in a blink of an eye. You won’t have to worry about whether you’re increasing your revenue in this manner. Every 5 minutes, your yield is doubled. We handle the harvesting and optimization for you.

Vaults guarantee that you obtain the best yields possible without having to make any effort yourself. This is an incredible vaulting move. It will be made public as quickly as feasible. Our vaults will use a few strategies.

Sandman is working with some of the industry’s best partners on this.

Polycrystal Collaboration:

As Sandman and Polycrystal are now allies, you may stake PolyCrystal to earn Sandman. The pool is always like a staking environment. Sandman is pleased to share this fantastic relationship with Polycrystal. Finance. Both projects have the same objective to look after the community and to maximize the profits of investors.

  • Staking:

In Polycristal finance, you’ll acquire a pool where you can Stake Crystal and Earn Sandman. In the Kingdom of Dreams, you can Get Crystal by staking Sandman. It’s wonderful to be a member of this group!! As a result of our partnership, you will be able to see this in the dream kingdom.

New Partnerships:

In this section, we have some exciting news to share. After our 30-second purchase, the top players in the space approached us, and we showed them our short- and long-term strategy.

We’ve secured several fantastic on-the-token agreements, which will be disclosed in the coming week.

New Layer

We introduce Sandman Layers, which will allow you to raise the worth of your Sandman Token by following the comic dream trip. The maximum supply will be available to all levels. There are 7 layers including,

  • Chapter 1: Death – Death and Venice
  • Chapter 2: Desire – What I’ve Tasted of Desire
  • Chapter 3: Dream – The Heart of a Star
  • Chapter 4: Despair – Fifteen Portraits of Despair
  • Chapter 5: Delirium – Going Inside (Delirium will be the first layer released)
  • Chapter 6: Destruction – On the Peninsula
  • Chapter 7: Destiny – Endless Nights

After Sandman’s success, we are now introducing our first layer “Delirium: Going Inside”

Road Map:

The first ever tokens available were sold out in less than 30 seconds. It’s on its way to AMM, gambling, NFTs, and a top DAO. This project’s number one farming token is Sandman Token.

We’ll have various sections, just like a comic (Sandman phases)

  • Section 1: The Endless — Morpheous’ Prison and Liberation from the Endless
  • Layers: 7 ( each one with multiple improvements )
  • Section 2: Sandman Reborn: New Token Sandman, Farming, IFO, DEX, and AMM
  • Section 3: Chainlink Oracles and Dream Country Gambling
  • Section 4: Mists NFTs season DAO is also included in our roadmap.

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