SafeVault is now live start staking SWAP-LP

SafeVault has allocated 15% of the total supply from SafeSwap for the next 10 years. Yes thats right, we will not be minting any new tokens and have decided that LP staking will be 100% based on existing Supply.

Therefor you are guaranteed of the following:

1: Stake your SWAP Token LP
2: Stake a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 10 years
3: A total of 15% of the total supply ( 150.000 / 1.000.000 tokens ).
4: Lowest deposit fee that is available on SafeSwap.Online
5: No Token Minting Function will be activated on the SWAP Token.
6: SWAP Token Contract will soon be renounced.
7: We will soon sign up for project reviews / project audits.

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