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We have already made it official that SafeSwap online and PRCY are staking partners. You’ve probably heard about staking if you’re a crypto fan. You can swap SafeSwap online token with PRCY coin using this staking technology. Their other tokens can also be swapped with SafeSwap online tokens such as BPRCY, TRCY, and WPRCY.

Staking cryptocurrency requires committing your digital assets to a blockchain network to maintain it operational and confirm transactions. Staking is a method of safeguarding numerous cryptocurrency transactions in exchange for rewards. SafeSwap online and PRCY coin launched staking pools in collaboration through which you can swap their tokens. Let’s discuss PRCY and their staking pools on SafeSwap online.

About PRCY

PRCY is a private blockchain that prioritizes security, privacy, and liquidity. The PRCY protocol uses cutting-edge privacy technology and includes an anonymous staking token and payment mechanism and an utterly decentralized governance structure.

PRCY integrates enhanced privacy technologies in a staking chain, including Bulletproof, Haprocates Protocol, needed stealth addresses and transactions, Ring CT, and Ring Signatures. Staking, operating master nodes, and mining PoA (Proof of Audit) blocks are all possible with PRCY.

About SafeSwap Online

SafeSwap Online is a decentralized trading platform that lets users trade a number of different currencies. SafeSwap™ is a Smart Contract-based system that works with metamask, trust wallet, and a number of other third-party wallets directly.

With a strong belief in privacy and independence, a low-entry, self-listing switching protocol was required to protect users while also supporting them in attaining their objectives.

SafeSwap Online And PRCY Swapping Exchanges:

  • 1 SWAP = 1.55490240 PRCY
  • 1 SWAP = 1.55490240 WPRCY
  • 1 SWAP = 1.55490240 BPRCY
  • 1 SWAP = 1.55490240 TPRCY

Staking Pool

SafeSwap Online and PRCY launched a staking pool from where you can stake PRCY coins and earn rewards. Today, you can stake your bPRCY, SWAP, BUSD, and USDT to earn more bPRCY.All pools can be accessed here:

BPRCY Staking Pool

Staking for the Wrapped PRCY Bep-20 token BPRCY was recently made available.BPRCY is currently available in SafeSwap Online’s pre-listed tokens and on the SafeSwap Staking Platform.BPRCY can be staked in a variety of pools. In the completed BPRCY pool, there are still certain assets that have not been claimed. BPRCY is now available to SWAP holders.BPRCY is a wrapped pair of the PRCY POS coin that is presently selling at $1.

Start Staking BPRCY

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