SafeStar Project Recap and Update, June 2021

The Binance Smart Chain-based RFI and deflationary platform has been making steady progress recently, so let’s dive into their latest updates.

SafeStar Project Update

The platform has remained steadfast in its build process, adding new tools and features. Recent achievements include a new-holder high and ranking in the top trending Europe projects on Coinmarketcap. Here’s a look at everything the project has been doing recently and what their plans for the future entail.

SafeStar DEX

The platform just released its super smooth and intuitive Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which is an exciting development for the project!

SafeStar Swap | Source

Right now, there is only one pair available for swap – BNB and SAFESTAR – but the team has said on Twitter that more pairs will be added soon.

SafeStar joins other popular RFI-based platforms that have released their DEX, which have often hit snags in their path. Many of its contemporaries have either not survived the recent market decline that happened last month, or have committed a rugpull on their users. SafeStar built their DEX during the height of market growth, and has released it with excellent timing as the market begins its recovery. This ensures that the project will avoid many of the issues that plagued other projects during the decline, giving them an opportunity for success.

New CEX Listing 

Their DEX is not SafeStar’s only recent launch, however. BiKi Exchange, a top 25 exchange according to CoinGecko, has also confirmed the listing of the SAFESTAR token via Twitter, and the token has already been listed on P2PB2B and BitMart as well. 

New Listing on BiKi Exchange | Source

And that’s not all! SafeStar has confirmed that the token would not be taxed when making a deposit or withdrawal on the exchange. More announcements regarding the listing will be shared on the BiKi and SafeStar Twitter handles. Stay tuned on those feeds in order to keep up with the release and any other exciting developments from the projects.

Top Trending Token on CoinmarketCap

The SAFESTAR token recently claimed the 5th position in Europe on Coinmarketcap.

SAFESTAR on Top 10 Trending Tokens in Europe | Source

Trends signify the popularity of a subject or a matter and, in this case, of a token. SafeStar’s trend on CoinmarketCap, a popular coin registry and database in the cryptocurrency sector, signifies the platform strength of reach, popularity, and exposure to much more prominent communities.

In order to sustain their positive growth, the SafeStar team has already planned a handful of events for their community. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting things to come, starting with a proactive token burn.

Big Burn Coming 

The team is hinting at a burn of a whopping trillion SAFESTAR in order to curb token inflation. At 100k holders, the team will make the burn, and they are extremely close to hitting that number!

The project is by nature deflationary, with regular burns in order to maintain a balanced supply. However, big burns are planned to reduce the total token supply further and improve its value, which is crucial for the long term success of SAFESTAR. This one-trillion burn will likely be one of many of that size, which indicates both the success of the project and their dedication to maintaining deflationary measures.

Free Lotto Ticket Program

A big token burn is far from the only event on the slate. SafeStar already has a unique weekly lotto draw, which we explained in our recent project review. The lottery system provides extra means of earning to users, but also has a noble side purpose of donating entry fees to charity. While it is a high-risk feature, investors willing to take the plunge can win enormous amounts of SAFESTAR. In order to bring attention to this egalitarian feature on the platform, the team has commenced a Lucky 2s Draw Special Promo.

Lucky 2s Lottery | Source

Investors can take part in the free tickets program, which is structured via the following slate:

1 BNB = 1 ticket

2 BNB = 3 tickets

4 BNB = 7 tickets

8 BNB = 18 tickets

10 BNB = 25 tickets

Fill the form to take part.

The team also incentivized participation by offering $50 BUSD to a handful of winners who engaged with their Twitter post, which is a sign that SafeStar welcomes community engagement with open arms!

About SafeStar

SafeStar offers a frictionless yield protocol for users who want to avoid the hassles that come with many yield platforms. The project minimizes their opportunity cost by circumventing gas fees, as well as eliminating the need to connect a wallet to the platform. They enact their RFI procedures and deflationary measures in order to ensure users see the most value possible out of the project.


The team is working hard to achieve their plans and have completed the following in a span of just 3 months:

Successful DxSale launch 

CoinmarketCap, Coingecko, Trust Wallet, Blockfolio, and Delta listings 

Sleek new platform website

Lottery and Governance dApp releases

Listed on Three CEXes: BiKi, BitMart, and P2PB2B. 

Reached nearly 100k holders

All of these feats are very much commendable, and are a sign that the project has plenty of upward mobility potential. The project started as a fork of SafeMoon, but has clearly taken its own path into the DeFi sector, becoming a fully stand-alone project that bears less resemblance to its inspiration.

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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