SaferMoon Teases 4 Step Token Launchpad Process

Users can now embrace the future — SaferMoon launchpad has the tools for users of all skills to launch a token.

SaferMoon Launch 4-Step Token Creation Launchpad

SaferMoon hopes to revolutionize cryptocurrency. The secure protocol has created a launchpad for users to make their tokens in four easy steps. The product launch can help educate novice users to coding for crypto and give veterans a quick and easy way to tokenize. 

In the early hours of Thursday, 2nd September, Safermoon broke the exciting news on Twitter. According to the Tweet, the process is straightforward as counting the numbers one to four! 

“Can you count to four? Then you can make a token,” tweeted SaferMoon, calling users to learn how to create tokens via the SaferMoon launchpad. 

With the launchpad, project owners can launch a token by following a series of steps. These steps can be found in the shortened version of the protocol’s Product Requirements Document (PRD).

“Project owners can launch a token by following a series of steps. Each step will contain options with explanations + links to a more detailed knowledge base. The knowledge base will have video explanations for each options,” as obtained from the PRD. 


Solid Use Case For Both Project Owners and Investors

According to the PRD, the SaferMoon token launchpad will benefit both project owners and investors. Veteran users will find the easy interface helpful to use plus a range of tools that help facilitate a seamless token creation for Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Novice project owners do not have to worry about creating smart contract codes from scratch as they have already been programmed on the Safermoon website. Although not the safest way to make a token, copying code like this can be a simple way for novice users to get acquainted.

“Novice or experienced owners will be able to select contract parameters based off of audited code, and contract interactions will be handled safely through the SAFERmoon website,” the PRD justified. 

With this in mind, the launchpad will offer the following benefits for project owners and investors: 

Project owners with no knowledge of Solidity can launch projects safely without worrying about modifying, interacting, and forking codes. 

Project owners, both novice and expert, will gain marketing boosts from SaferMoon. 

Investors will browse new projects easily. 

Investors will be alerted to potential problems when project owners show signs of vulnerability. 

SaferMoon wants to solve the problem of security in the BSC ecosystem. With the token launchpad, investors have a reliable option to detect if a project is secure and can be exploited or rugged. However, the launchpad only supports safer RFI tokens but will expand to other projects/token types. 

Anyone who wishes to learn how to launch safer RFI tokens should read the steps outlined in the PRD. 

What is SaferMoon? 

SaferMoon is a utility-focused, audited static reward token on BSC. The latest innovation allows project owners with any level of technical ability to create and launch new tokens on BSC securely. In addition, investors can browse and track a selection of audited tokens, receiving alerts as soon as any project owner initiates a change in contract that might affect their investment. Over 21,000 users have invested in SaferMoon and utilized its zero-fee staking to earn staking rewards on top of their static rewards. 

To learn more, follow SAFERmoon at these links: 

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Github

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