SaferMoon Gives Away Lamborghini as SaferSummer Grand Prize Approaches

SaferMoon gears up for the grand finale of its six-week giveaway event after unveiling its latest prize.

SaferMoon SaferSummer Heats Up 

SaferMoon’s SaferSummer, the massive giveaway frenzy which features exciting prizes, is now in the last stage as another lucky winner emerges. 

The six-week giveaway event started on 10th August, and so far five winners have emerged. The latest is the lucky winner of a brand new Lamborghini. SaferMoon announced the winner of the event round on 14th September in a tweet thread. The protocol also stated that there is still time for users to enter the event.

“It’s not too late to enter to win ONE MORE fabulous #SAFERsummer prize!” SaferMoon tweeted. “Stake your #SAFERsummer tokens NOW to enter to win a trip to space!” 


The last giveaway, the protocol claims, will be a trip to outer space. BSC News published a report about the SaferSummer contest on 13th August, highlighting the top prizes issued by the secure ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Each week also includes daily prizes, but users are more interested in the top prizes. The giveaway event is now ongoing in its last stage, so users still have a chance to enter and claim the grand prize. 

How to Enter to Win a Trip to the Moon? 

It is straightforward to enter. You are required to stake your SAFERmoon tokens on the SaferSummer page to enter. In addition, you will be charged a 10% Request For Information (RFI) fee upon entry. 

There are also token entry limits. Users can stake at least 2 billion tokens and a maximum of 500 billion tokens. SaferMoon also created a means for users to get back their staked tokens, however, there is a catch. 

“If you keep your SAFERmoon in the pool throughout the 6-week competition, then you will be able to withdraw them after the contest ends without incurring another 10% fee,” a part of SaferMoon’s publication disclosed. 

Winners are chosen at random via Chainlink’s VRF, ensuring credibility in the giveaway event. The giveaway event started with a celebrity shoutout and continued with some top-notch rewards like an amazing laptop, dream vacation, a Tesla car, and, just recently, a Lamborghini. 

It is clear that SaferMoon has given out exciting rewards since 10th August, and now, the event is coming to an end with a trip to the moon, maybe? 


What is SaferMoon? 

SAFERmoon is a utility-focused, audited static reward token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The future SAFERmoon launchpad will allow project owners with any level of technical ability to securely create and launch new tokens on BSC. Investors can browse and track a selection of audited tokens, receiving alerts as soon as any project owner initiates a change in the contract that might affect their investment. So far over 21,000 unique users have invested in SAFERmoon and utilized SAFERmoon’s fee-free staking to earn staking rewards on top of their static rewards. 

To learn more, follow SAFERmoon at these links: 

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