SAFERMoon Aims to Launch a Holder to Space Through SAFERSummer Contest

Outlandish prizes named as SAFERmoon gear itself up for a six week giveaway.

Out of This World

SAFERmoon is launching a huge summer giveaway event, with six weeks of prizes that include dream vacations, supercars, and an actual trip to the moon –  yes, the actual moon – is what they claim.

The event comes on the back of big announcements, notably the integration of the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). The event details dropped August 10th on Twitter and require competition hopefuls to stake at least 2 billion SAFERmoon tokens, which, at the time of writing, is under $20. 

“SAFERmoon is not just another token with big promises, hopes, and dreams. It’s delivering real solutions for some of the long-standing problems in the cryptocurrency space,” the SAFERmoon claimed in an exclusive statement. “Helping users safely navigate an ecosystem where nobody has to fear a “rug-pull” is clearly separating SAFERmoon from the pack.”


Six Week Giveaway Bonanza & How to Enter 

While the claim encompasses smaller daily prizes, it is the weekly ones that users will have an eye on. The six-week giveaway will see rewards get more ambitious as the days go on. 

Beginning with something as small as a shoutout from Kevin O’Leary and getting as far as a ticket aboard the Virgin Galactic commercial space flight, the claim certainly is likely to draw attention. 

Entering is fairly simple. For a chance to win you are required to stake your SAFERmoon here. You will be charged a 10% RFI fee if you do decide to enter. 

With a minimum of 2 billion and a maximum of 500 billion token entry limits, if you keep your tokens staked throughout the 6 week period, you will be able to withdraw without the 10% withdrawal fee you would otherwise incur. 

If you are not currently equipped with SAFERmoon tokens, they can be purchased here. Here at BSC.News we would however urge caution, as although the prizes seem unbelievable, that can sometimes be indicative within itself.


SAFERmoon Show Off Link Integration

In an apparent bid to underline their credibility and perhaps make these incredible prizes more believable, SAFERmoon proudly explained that the team had begun integrating Chainlink’s VRF.

Chainlink’s VRF contribution is in aid of guaranteeing a fair process in deciding the unbelievable lucky winner:

“Chainlink has far-reaching partnerships with companies like Google and other household-name tech giants. This provides the much-needed legitimacy for such a large giveaway. Each winner will be selected by the provably random system and permanently encoded on the blockchain for all to see,” the team explained in an exclusive and official statement.”

The prizes promise to register some of the most ambitious attempts to attract investors to date, and we will be following developments closely to see how they are followed through.

What is SAFERmoon

SAFERmoon is a utility-focused, audited static reward token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The future SAFERmoon launchpad will allow project owners with any level of technical ability to securely create and launch new tokens on BSC. Investors can browse and track a selection of audited tokens, receiving alerts as soon as any project owner initiates a change in the contract that might affect their investment. So far over 21,000 unique users have invested in SAFERmoon and utilized SAFERmoon’s fee-free staking to earn staking rewards on top of their static rewards. 

To learn more, follow SAFERmoon at these links: 

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Github

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