Safemoon Sundays: Important Innovations Looking to Provide Push

Promises were abundant in this year’s first SafeMoon Sunday, and it seems SafeMoon users will have a lot to look forward to.

SafeMoon Map Out Road Ahead for 2022

SafeMoon CEO John Karony teamed up with Head of Product Brian Arriaga for the first SafeMoon Sunday of the year to bring users a host of updates.

There was a lot of information communicated in the YouTube live pilot on January 9th. From a hub connecting all SafeMoon offerings, to NFT wind turbines and staff processes, SafeMoon Sunday promised a great deal. 

“We’re nearly at 1 million downloads and users of Safemoon wallets!” CEO John Karony stated in a landmark update.


Various Updates

The SafeMoon headquarters where the video took place looked sleek and new, worthy of a project promising big things. The team spoke of how pleased they were to be in their own space where they could innovate freely. 

More initial excitement for SafeMoon users came through the fact they were told they will be able to utilize the SafeMoon card in various ways in the near future. Users were told they will be able to spend other cryptos alongside $SAFEMOON.


The CEO addressed the upcoming card directly:

“A debit card where you’ll be able to spend your SafeMoon. Whether it be on groceries, whether it be on video games,” Karony explained. “Not just spending Safemoon, any other crypto we have on our wallets, you’ll be able to spend that as well.” 

Users were also given a glimpse into the working process of the organization. SafeMoon departments can update data directly through a dashboard that streamlines all processes from different ends of their departments. The focus is on scalability the team explained, and users can rest assured that they will look to keep scaling. 

A SafeMoon hub that connects all offerings were also touted as forthcoming. SafeMoon connect will be interested in various kinds of offers ranging from fundraising to YouTubers. A scenario was shared whereby successful YouTubers will be able to share a URL to a payment link page where they can accept tips and payments through crypto. 

The possibilities appeared endless as John Karony even spoke of real-life wind turbines being bought alongside NFT purchases. How realistic this prospect remains to be seen, but it certainly does signal a new dawn for NFT utility.

The road through 2022 certainly seems to promise a great deal for the project and BSC News will be keeping close tabs on just how much the team manages to deliver.

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is a new altcoin launched in March 2021. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community-driven protocol. This protocol slightly differs from other protocols when a transaction takes place. Three functions will occur, reflection, liquidity pool (LP) acquisition, and burn. It also charges 10% fees to anyone that sells their tokens, and other owners get 5% of the fees. This is SafeMoon’s method of encouraging holders to hodl and disincentivizing sellers from selling.   

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