SafeMoon Sees Huge Interest in Card Offering

SafeMoon’s pre-launch waitlist gets an overwhelming response.

Safemoon First Edition 

SafeMoon Card gets an overwhelming response from the SafeMoon community, with more than 10,000 signups in less than 32 minutes.  

The SafeMoon card is powered by Baanx and issued through Optimus Cards UK Limited, a principal member of Mastercard, and a licensed E-Money Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority

“Over 10,000 of you have jumped on the waitlist in under… 32 minutes!” SafeMoon tweeted on April 8.

Source |One of the features of this card is the ability to prioritize and order the crypto assets that will be utilized for spending

The SafeMoon Card is the latest initiative by the team to allow for easy conversion of its own native token $SFM and other crypto assets into fiat at the time of spending. Interested applicants can enlist themselves in a pre-launch waitlist here

Feature Packed

The card packs a load of features which includes easy and secure management of the card on the SafeMoon Mobile App. Users will have access to support such as chargebacks and access to full transaction history. A transaction fee of 2.5% is charged upon spending, and the breakdown is as follows: 

1.5% – processor fee

0.2% – burn

0.4% – reflections

0.3% – liquidity pool

0.1% – growth 


SafeMoon’s move to allow its users and token holders to have easy access to spend their crypto assets will drive further adoption. Token holders will no longer have to go through a cumbersome process of converting their crypto assets to fiat and, in the process, incur numerous charges. 

What is SafeMoon:

SafeMoon is a new altcoin launched in March 2021. It runs on the BNB Chain and is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community-driven protocol. This protocol slightly differs from other protocols when a transaction takes place. Three functions will occur, reflection, liquidity pool (LP) acquisition, and burn. It also charges 10% fees to anyone that sells their tokens, and other owners get 5% of the fees. This is SafeMoon’s method of encouraging holders to HODL and disincentivize sellers from selling.   

To find out more about SafeMoon, the following links are available : 

Website Twitter Instagram GitHub Discord Telegram Reddit |

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