SafeMoon Resumes Rally, Surpasses 1.5 Million Holders

SafeMoon is seeing tremendous price rallying despite controversy surrounding the safety of their project code. Here’s a look at how the rise has happened and a look at the results.

SafeMoon Surpasses 1.5 Million Holders

SafeMoon has resumed its price rally despite criticism of the platform code by WarOnRugs. The platform just blasted through 1.5 million holders and currently stands at nearly 1.7 million holders and a 27.5% 24hrs price rally, according to Coingecko at the time of this report.

SafeMoon on BSCScan

The project keeps on making incredible progress despite its row with audit company WarOnRugs on Twitter. The auditing team has criticized the SafeMoon platform contract code, suggesting there have been attempts to steal users’ funds by the group (a claim the SafeMoon team have debunked and since moved on from). A Certik audit cemented SafeMoon platform code security and credibility ratings with a high score of 84/100, certifying it safe for users.

Safemoon Certik Audit

Exciting Prospects

The recent spike is also attributed to the rumored SafeMoon Exchange, which so far has gathered generous donations from loyal community members and firm supporters, the likes of which we have not seen for some time.

SafeMoon Wallet

The planned release of its wallet, which comes with specific unique features, is also a contributing factor to the SafeMoon hype. This hype contains over 500k Twitter followers, and the unusual global trend of the project on Twitter following their row with WarOnRugs.

About Safemoon

SafeMoon is a community-driven protocol launched fairly, embedded with three simple functions occurring during trades: RFI mechanics; LP acquisition; and token burn.

SafeMoon Home Page

The platform, despite odds against its success, has continued to make incredible progress. It is the hope of many investors in the crypto community that they continue building despite facing adversity from WarOnRugs. 

Closing Thoughts

Whether or not there is merit to the claims of lax security and scam potential, SafeMoon continues to rise against the odds and improve its status to new investors. The Certik audit seems to have put holders’ minds at ease and encouraged new users to join the platform, along with the rumors of future innovations releasing soon. The trajectory of SafeMoon is certainly one to keep an eye on as the project expands, and it will be interesting to see how their conflict with WarOnRugs pans out. Investors should keep tabs on the launch of the SafeMoon exchange and wallet, as those releases seem certain to boost the project even further.

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