SafeMoon Launches Desktop SWAP Feature After SafeMoonWallet Launch Failure

SafeMoon’s new SWAP feature goes live days after SafeMoon’s Wallet launch failure.

The New SafeMoon SWAP Feature

SafeMoon has now released their new desktop SWAP feature following their failed launch of the SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon’s SWAP allows users to swap via the web between two LP pairs BNB/Safemoon and Eth/PSafemoon, with new pairs expected soon. News of the SWAP feature was announced on August 29th in a Twitter post by SafeMoon’s COO Jack Haines

“SWAP by SafeMoon is now live on web! Currently with two pairs: BNB/Safemoon & ETH/PSafemoon. More pairs will be added in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for Wallet updates, we’re working through every necessity,” Haines tweeted in his recent post. 

As of now, it would seem SafeMoon will dial back their approach and release their products individually with substantial time separating each product launch. Despite the failed Wallet launch attempt, most of the SafeMoon community has remained positive and enthusiastic about the SafeMoon protocol. Currently, there have been no dates given for when users can expect to see a functional SafeMoon Wallet application.

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Added Drama 

As if SafeMoon’s failed Wallet launch wasn’t enough, it would seem some added drama has been thrown into the SafeMoon Wallet failure debacle. Between assigning blame, arguments in the Twitter comments, and highly critical remarks, SafeMoon has seen it all over the last few days. 

When SafeMoon’s Wallet launch initially failed, SafeMoon blamed its users for crashing the protocol, resulting in the product launch failure. Yet after facing critical backlash from technical experts, SafeMoon’s CEO John Karony has adjusted the narrative, asking those angry with the failed launch to blame him and not SafeMoon.

“Keep the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) on me, so our devs can bring the #SAFEMOONARMY the #SAFEMOONWALLET” Karony tweeted August 29th.  

Strangely enough, Karony would, within 24 hours, then take to the SafeMoon Twitter account and blame the SafeMoon developers and team.

“Technical issues experienced at 4 PM created unforeseen side effects that the product development team have been unable to resolve…No reasons for an unsuccessful launch were brought to my attention before 4PM…” wrote Karony in a public statement posted via the SafeMoon Twitter page. 

Karony notes that if he knew of the unforeseen side effects that would cause the technical difficulties, the launch would not have gone ahead. 

While others cheer and applaud SafeMoon’s transparency, a small but growing number of frustrated critics have come forward publicly denouncing the SafeMoon protocol. As SafeMoon works to reestablish trust and value offerings in the crypto space, there is little room for future error. 

What is SafeMoon

The SafeMoon protocol is a community-driven, fairly launched Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn. SafeMoon is an altcoin: a blockchain-based digital currency similar to Bitcoin, but with distinctions. It launched in March 2021 and has already racked up over 2 million users.

SafeMoon’s unique feature is that it charges a 10% fee to anyone who sells their tokens; 5% of this fee is then redistributed to all other SafeMoon owners, essentially rewarding those who hang onto their tokens and disincentivizing selling. 

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