SafeMoon Announce First Bridge With Assistance From pNetwork, Trends On Twitter Again

The native BSC token has created a way for its users to begin transferring assets to the Ethereum network.

First Bridge for Growing Altcoin

The hot new altcoin in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has announced its first bridge. SafeMoon confirmed the bridge would be done using pNetwork. The new bridge is another piece of exciting news from SafeMoon who continues to ride its wave of exploding popularity. pNetwork works with various tokens moving assets across blockchains and should be a solid partner for enabling cross-chain usage of decentralized applications (dApps) for SafeMoon on multiple networks.


The announcement came via Tweet on June 29th for the bridge to go live at 17:00 UTC the same day. The news came after a few days of anticipation following a previous Tweet from the Chief Blockchain Officer Thomas Smith. 

The CBO was quoted two days prior, “New people, new blood, new ideas… new opportunities,” with an image including the words “SafeMoon Bridges.” 

Once the Tweet went public, SafeMoon and related hashtags began trending. Many users were posting fun images and memes of bridges amid excitement in the threads. The decentralized finance token that is community-driven is currently available on nine different markets, including PancakeSwap. The coin’s ability to trend on Twitter shows the potential it brings.

Details of The Bridge

The contract address bridge has been confirmed via Tweet. Users with SAFEMOON can now utilize the pNetwork token bridge to transfer SAFEMOON between BSC and ETH. Be careful to double-check the address and when sending your tokens.

Transferring your SAFEMOON will require a 10% reflection or tax fee, as well as the corresponding gas fees from the exchange. Buying the token on Ethereum will result in much higher fees. Fees can vary depending on the exchange. BSC is still the mother network of SAFEMOON, but the new pegged token will bridge users to the wide world of Ethereum. 

Be sure to check out a recent BSC.News post on how to buy SafeMoon on BSC to save on fees.


Crypto Wallet Coming

SafeMoon also Tweeted this week that the arrival of their SafeMoon crypto wallet is due in late July. The Tweet quoted CEO John Karony on June 27th that the “launch goal is…end of July.” 

The CEO who Tweets under the handle ‘CptHodl’ thanked the #SAFEMOONARMY.

The SafeMoon project is increasing daily and there is no reason why this project is not going to the moon and further. With a grip on the growing meme potential of the coin, the next moves from SafeMoon are surely to continue the momentum they have already harnessed. 

About SafeMoon

The SafeMoon Protocol is a community-driven, fair-launched DeFi Token. The token launched in March 2021 and has already racked up over 2 million users and address holders. SafeMoon has quickly become one of the most popular altcoins in the crypto space. The project has an incredibly popular social following and a team dedicated to maintaining secure control of their token. 

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