SafeLaunch to Host 3 SafeAllocations Offering Users VC Opportunities: Drife, Scallop, and Unvest

Safe Launch vets and supports all projects to help give a considerable boost. What is equally enticing is the potential of the projects onboarded for the Safe Allocations Offering.

What Is A SafeAllocation?

SafeAlloc acts as the venture capital arm of SafeLaunch. They provide SFEX holders and prospective investors an opportunity to be a part of projects in the earlier stages. The process makes funding available to the respective projects and investors to capitalize on lower prices before public release. Safe Launch announced a group of three projects to head the first offering in a Medium blog post on July 20.

How Are Projects Chosen?

Behind the choices, there is an advisory team and network of specialists that contribute toward decisions. This is effective in two ways: firstly, projects are convincingly vetted. Then after being chosen, the selected projects also receive technical support, advice, and guidance to maximize success for both investors and project teams. 

At this point, we can take a closer look at the current projects offered and discuss reasons to be excited by them:


Drife Twitter

Drife’s ultimate goal is to engineer a more efficient and fairer decentralized marketplace for mobility. With all the functionality of Uber alongside the opportunities inherent in decentralization, Drife is driving made for the community.  

The app makes Ride-Hailing fairer in all aspects as 100% of fees belong to the driver. Unlike centralized ride-share platforms that often see drivers exploited, Drife feeds off the benefits of blockchain technology to give drivers more control.

Key Features:

8,000 enrolled drivers and 10,000 independent drivers

5 fleets of more than 1,000 vehicles in each fleet are ready to onboard Drife

Franchise contenders are required to stake a minimum of 1 million $DRF token to be eligible for participation in franchise auction

Token holders can participate in governance or earn by delegating their tokens for staking

A fully developed product ready to be deployed

Drife has also shown interest by setting forth plans to adopt local regulations and comply with necessary frameworks. Encouraging in all respects.


Unvest is a marketplace that allows and encourages locked and unvested tokens to be minted as ‘Liquid Vesting Tokens’ and to be subsequently traded on an open and free market. This freedom is accessed when Liquid Vesting Tokens take the original token’s rights and redeem them on a 1:1 basis.  

Major forthcoming developments in the latter half of 2021 are Liquid NFT and Unvest Marketplace. Liquid NFT makes possible block-by-block linear vesting in the form of NFTS. Unvest Marketplace makes possible the acquisition of interests and grants access to locked allocation for popular tokens. 

Key Features

Allowing locked and unvested tokens to be traded freely and openly through Liquid Vesting Tokens.

Unvest’s solution allows for a single asset to be traded multiple times. This is not currently possible with existing OTC markets.

A solution to boost liquidity for founders and early investors.

Liquid NFT allows for the trading of locked tokens in an NFT.

Composable, compatible with the rental market and can be fractionalized.


Scallop Twitter

Scallop has taken clear, bold, and exciting steps to bridge traditional finance with decentralized finance. Scallop has found a convenient way to accomplish this with DeFi powered fiat accounts. 

The platform brings together traditional banks with cross-chain applications on the Polkadot ecosystem. Faster, more efficient, and secure management of crypto assets alongside fiat in the same place. 

While you may still need convincing, the real clincher here lies in the fact that Scallop’s relationships with institutional partners could herald more secure custodial services and interest-bearing savings alongside a host of other services for both fiat and crypto. 

Key Features

Scallop simplifies DeFi to a broader user base allowing the functionalities of DeFi protocols without the complexity.

Wallets are secured with CC EAL6+ Secure element; Secure Java OS

Buy, sell, and leverage digital contents with a built-in NFT marketplace synced with accounts

Crypto and fiat are interchangeable through Uniswap for seamless trading

Scallop coin is the native ERC-20 token that powers the Scallop ecosystem. It can be used as a bonus payment, staking, and payment of transaction fees, exchange fees, and management fees.

Over 15 multi-currency fiat wallets that can earn interest on ScallopEarn

Regulated as an EMD for Electronic Money Institution in the UK and as an Electronic Money Intermediary in Europe.

Insured for losses up to $100 million.

Fiat funds are stored under the FCA regulation, with money safeguarded by licensed banks.

10% of transaction fees are allocated for Scallop token burn, which increases scarcity and price appreciation.        

Scallop’s intent here in bringing together traditional finance and DeFi is clear. We look forward to seeing how they progress!

How Do I Decide Which Project To Support?

Well, this is a question that all of us have asked at some point. If the answer was as clear as dotting up suggestions on an article post, we’d all be doing pretty well right now. The best you can do is learn about the projects, have a clear and concise idea of the features offered and how attainable they seem.

SafeAlloc offers a wonderful opportunity to get in early, but, as with any project, it is down to you to decide whether a project merits getting in at all. 

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