SafeLaunch to Hold 3rd “Safe Allocation,” Allowing Users to Participate in Onomy Private Round

The SafeLaunch Allocation program spearheads the development of promising projects, allowing users to invest in private sales.

SafeLaunch Set To Launch Third Safe Allocation Raise 

SafeLaunch continues to announce more projects through its Safe Allocation round for users participation. The protocol has announced the latest private round via Twitter on July 8th, which will commence on the 14th of July, 2021. 

The decentralized venture community supports the most promising early-stage projects. This time, it has set sights on Onomy following its successful SafeLaunch Initial Dex Offering (IDO) and Xion private sale round. 

SafeLaunch Allocation Program: Onomy Joins The Party 

Now that the protocol has completed its migration from SFE to SFEX, SafeLaunch will continue its plans to incubate more projects through its ecosystem. The SafeLaunch Allocation program secure’s private sale deals for $SFEX token holders.

Holders are able to invest in the private and seed rounds of new crypto projects. With Safe Allocation, these new projects will receive funding while also giving investors the chance to buy into projects before their public release. 


The latest project to benefit from this innovation is Onomy. Onomy is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol built to improve the foreign currency exchange market. In short, Onomy provides a channel for the forex exchange market to connect to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 

It is a forex marketplace with DeFi compatibility across all chains. To achieve this, the protocol issues virtual denominations of traditional currencies, called stable coins, from its Onomy Reserves (ORES). 

The virtual denominations are collateralized by the Onomy Protocol Token (NOM). In addition, they are locked in a contract that facilitates the distribution of the currency denominations — Denoms. You can get more information about Onomy DEX here. 

Private Round Details 

Here are the details of the private round as obtained from SafeLaunch deal information

Date: July 14th

Deal Size: $100,000

Price: $0.50

Vesting: Monthly for eight months

Partners: AU21 Capital, GD10 Ventures, Petrock Capital, Kyros Ventures, PNYX Ventures, Avalanche 


Total $NOM supply: 100m 

Seed: 10%

Private rounds 1&2: 10%

Team: 20% 

Ecosystem: 20%

Strategic reserve: 40% 

What More Can We Ask For? 

SafeLaunch offers an incubator launchpad that helps projects with everything needed to become successful before and after IDO. From marketing to audits, the protocol ensures that the potential for projects’ development are increased. Simultaneously the community based project ensures that investors obtain the best rewards. 

SafeLaunch makes this possible through its entirely fair process that allows token holders to invest with minimum capital. The protocol is not just a Launchpad, but one created to build projects and maximize investor returns – an incubator. 

About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is one of the first decentralized venture capital communities that features a project incubator backed by research, a Yield Farming platform, and a top-class advisory team. The protocol brings the best investment opportunities for its holders through its SafeAlloc and SafePad programs. These aim to provide users the best benefits from promising projects across all of DeFi

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