SafeLaunch A Decentralized Incubator and Venture Capitalist Fund for All of DeFi

SafeLaunch is set to launch on July 5th, providing novel project incubation on Binance Smart Chain and multiple other DeFi networks.

Novel Incubation and VC Strategies

Venture Capitalism has been a huge aspect of the recent decentralized Finance (DeFi) boom. SafeLaunch aims to capitalize on this craze in a professional, efficient and safe manner; hence SafeLaunch!

SafeLaunch prides itself as an project incubator on Binance Smart Chain which takes a multi-pronged approach, offering cross-chain VC services, and of course Yield Farming. The project aims to be community based, eliminating prevalent issues such as unfair distributions, lapses in project vetting, no post-launch support and other malpractices. 

To ensure this, SFE boasts a 120 point due-diligence check, consisting of KYC and pre-launch audits. This is all a part of their extreme vetting process to maintain high safety standards.

Following the “Safe” theme, the team is KYC’d and full of experienced crypto builders. SFE has undergone rigorous audits from some of the most respected in the space: CertiK and RD Auditors.

SFE IDO and Token Generation Event

SFE Listing Moon Sheet | Source

SafeLaunch is holding its SFE Initial Dex Offering (IDO) and TGE on July 5th from 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM UTC. The team is holding three SFE IDO’s on BSCPadBSCLaunch and SafeLaunch. To participate in the 3rd party launchpad IDO’s users must follow the guidelines of that platform. As for the SafeLaunch integrated IDO, whitelisted users can be found here.

According to the team the launch will ensue as follows:

12PM UTC (MidDay) – IDO Starts On SafeLaunch, BSCPad & BSCLaunch


3PM UTC – Trading Starts On PancakeSwap

5PM UTC – Staking & Mining Starts @ SafeStake

Key Features

Project Incubation




Project Incubation That Goes to the Moon and Beyond

SafeLaunch is not just any other “launchpad.” The team has gone above and beyond and labeled themselves as an incubator, or a complete “LaunchStation.” The difference here is that an incubator provides full support both pre and post IDO. Most launchpads only provide project support until the token generation event (TGE), and they are then disregarded for the next project to come along.

SafeLaunch has identified this weakness and aims to provide industry leading support not just pre-launch but especially focuses on projects post launch. The team has described this as marketing and auditing from the largest in the industry. This is just the beginning as the SafeLaunch team will provide incubated projects to an extreme network of the largest experienced contributors in BSC DeFi.

The Introduction of Novel Safe Allocations

SafeAllocation is where all of these valuable benefits of SafeLaunch for its users are put together. In this program, SafeLaunch has made available its lofty plans to ensure that users are compensated for their activities within the protocol. The team has described this as a combination and innovation of tokens such as Duckstarter and DDIM, providing users the best experience.

Here, SafeLaunch will personally search out and vet each protocol and where they need to step out of the BSC network into other ecosystems like Solana, Ethereum, or Polkadot. They will willingly do so while securing lucrative private sales deals for selected $SFE token holders who will be separated into a private discord group.

The team is already in full swing, parenting with Xion Finance to bring their first SafeAllocation to users. The whitelist will open on July 6th and users can find all the details here.

How to Participate in SafePad and SafeAlloc

Being a community focused project, SafeLaunch adopted a tier system to promote fairness and inclusion. This system also rewards users who lock their tokens and hold a long-term stake in the project. To participate in SafePad and SafeAlloc users will have to lock their tokens for 30 days.The following requirements will determine users entrance into this exclusive program:

Staked SFE tokens

SFE-BNB LP tokens staked

The team prioritizes users who bring more value to the project. For this exact reason, users who provide and lock SFE-BNB liquidity will receive a 2x multiplier. The tier system is described as follows by SafeLaunch:

  • Hustler — Those who lock 2,000 SFE or 40 SFE-BNB LP will fall into the Hustler tier.

Allocation Multiplier

→2,000 SFE token = x1

→40 SFE-BNB LP = x2

  • Merchant– Those who lock at least 6,000 SFE or 125 SFE-BNB LP will fall under the Merchant tier.

Allocation Multiplier

→6,000 SFE token = x4

→125 SFE-BNB LP = x8

Wholesaler — The Wholesaler tier is for holders who stake at least 12,000 SFE or 250 SFE-BNB LP.

Allocation Multiplier

→12,000 SFE token = x8

→250 SFE-BNB LP = x16

Brokers — Holders who stake at least 18,000 SFE or 375 SFE-BNB LP are eligible for this tier.

Allocation Multiplier

→18,000 SFE token = x10

→375 SFE-BNB LP = x20

Tycoon — Those who stake 48,000 SFE or 1000 SFE-BNB LP qualify for this tier, the highest tier available.

Allocation Multiplier

→48,000 SFE token = x18

→1000 SFE-BNB LP = x36

The team have combined a total of 9 veterans in the field to actively seek and search out these lucrative projects to either take part in one of the two options:

Create a LaunchPad event on the SafeLaunch platform if the project is BSC built.

Secure private and juicy allocation if it’s built on other chains, e.g., SOL, ETH, and DOT.


SFE Tokenomics | Source

‌10,000,000 $SFE (100%) – Will be produced in the initial deployment of the contract.

Max Supply – 10,000,000 $SFE – Total Supply. More tokens cannot be minted

5,000,000 $SFE (50%) – Will be sent to mining contracts to be mined. To incentivize early adopters initial rewards per block will be at it’s highest and halve every 10 days.‌ The following is the complete $SFE tokenomics breakdown:

2,500,000 SafeLaunch – Pre-Sale/IDO (25%)

1,000,000 SafeLaunch – Marketing Treasury (Vested See Below *)(10%)

1,200,000 SafeLaunch – Team Tokens (Vested See Below**) (12%)

100,000 SafeLaunch– Airdrop (1%)

200,000 SafeLaunch – Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (2%)

5,000,000 SafeLaunch – Liquidity Mining Supply (50%)

Token Vesting

Seed: 11% TGE then 8.9% every two weeks for 20 weeks – 0.35¢

Private: 15% TGE then 10.625% every two weeks for 16 weeks – 0.40¢

Public IDO: 22.5% TGE then 12.9165% every two weeks for 12 weeks – 0.50¢

Team tokens: Three months cliff then 8.333% each month

Marketing treasury: One month cliff then 10% each month

The token has both the deflationary and reflectionary properties embedded in it. Every time a transaction occurs a 2.2% tax is applied and redistributed into the platform. The tax is distributed as follows:

1.2% is Burned 

0.5% to Staking participants

0.5% to Marketing Fund


May/June 2021

Contract Audits

$SFE Token Launch

PancakeSwap Listing

Liquidity Mining & Staking

SafeLaunch LaunchPad

First LaunchPad PreSale

First SafeAllocation sale

Q2 2021

Second LaunchPad PreSale

Third LaunchPad PreSale

Tiered Discord Channel For Private Allocations

Integrate Extra Farms, Vaults & Yield Optimization

Q3 2021

Fair launch $SFEX

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Centralized Exchange Listing

Fourth LaunhPad PreSale

50% of the first part plan has been achieved; the first launchpad sales are on the way. Liquidity Mining and Staking of $SFE will commence on July 5th; head over HERE

Fair launch of the governance token, $SFEX,  will begin Q3, and an upgrade of the platform to an AMM will follow suit along with other presale and CEX listings.

Final Thoughts

Bringing together the best of yield farming and launchpad tools coupled with incubation is a win-win-win situation for everyone in the SafeLaunch ecosystem. By helping projects to achieve success, everyone along the line gets rewarded too. This is the beauty of what is to come.

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