Safe Launch AMA Transcript

Decentralized finance combining yield farming and Binance Smart Chain project incubator.

All questions answered by Little Rocket Man

Lola(AMA HOST): Can I have the team member of Safe Launch say hi?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): Hey guys! LittleRocketMan CEO of SafeLaunch here

Lola(AMA HOST): You’re welcome.

Good to have you here

Hope you’re good

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): I’m great thanks, thanks for having us!

Lola(AMA HOST): Yeah.

So shall we start?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): let’s do it

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Safe Launch? Could you tell us your role in the project?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): Hey guys, I’m LittleRocketMan CEO of SafeLaunch I’ve been in the crypto scene for just over 6 years now when bitcoin was less than 150$, in my time in the crypto scene I was one of the biggest OTC crypto traders in my country, lived through and survived the 2017 bull market and preceding bear market.

My idea started earlier this year for SafeLaunch, I noticed a gap in the market with current IDO platforms and how they’re run. SafeLaunch plans to be an all-in-one marketing, launchpad, farms/staking and private allocation platform

The 2 issues for current launchpads: small allocations and no instant use case for some projects.

Lola(AMA HOST): That’s great.

Q2. How is the Fees in Safe Launch?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): Every time a transaction occurs that activates the protocol, a 2.2% tax is applied and redistributed into our platform.

This breaks down like the following:

2.2% Transactions Tax:

    – 1.2% is Burned

    – 0.5% to Staking participants

    – 0.5% to Marketing Fund

This ensures that our token holders get high APRs from our farms whilst also having the added benefit of launchpad/IDOs and private sales.

Q3. Can you tell us about how Safe Launch works generally?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): Our idea is simple, the current climate with launchpad’s are big investments into the projects token with small allocations and no interest being earnt we think this is really unfair, we’ve designed a model that will rewards token holders in our farms with bigger allocations than most of our competitors.

How it’ll work is depending on how much $SFE or $SFE-$BNB you’re staking in our farms you’ll get a multiplier of allocation into each IDO, the longer vesting into each pool will also increase your allocation.

So we’re bringing DeFi farming with great APRs and the added benefit of having access to future IDOs and private sales.

The emission rate at the start will be 1 $SFE per block halving every 10 days.

Here’s a sneak peak at our farming and launchpad platforms:

Q4. What are the benefits in Safe Launch?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): As explained earlier our platform will boast many features including a launchpad, farming, and private allocations for top token holders/stakers.

The SafeLaunch Ecosystem will include the following:

1: Marketing and industry contacts for projects

2: Launchpad projects will be provided with farms on our platform for instant use case

3: SafeLaunch token farm, to reward early adopters. Our farms APY will be the highest at launch and decrease overtime, as explained earlier at launch we’ll emit 1 $SFE per block which equates to around 20 $SFE per minute for the first 10 days and then it’ll halve every 10 days

4: Staking in our farms will gain you access to our Launchpad platform and you will receive allocations based on the amount of tokens staked. Allocation details will be released soon

5: Based on how we provide allocations will significantly increase allocation sizes for our community and make it worthwhile for participants compared to other launchpads, we’ll have 3 pools to start with:

Single Staking 7 day lock up and 30 day lockup

SFE-BNB 30 day lock up

Each pool will have it’s own weighting and we’ll reveal details about allocation sizes soon.

6: The top stakers in our $SFE single asset and $SFE/$BNB pools will have access to private deals we put out that may not launch on our launchpad.

7: We plan on growing our ecosystem further with the fairlaunch of our farming token $SFEX in Q2/3 this will allow us to build further vaults and yield optimizers ($SFE holders and stakers will be rewarded with this fairlaunch program)

More info can be found here:

Lola(AMA HOST): All right


Q5. How many Partners do you have? And what do you expect from them?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): We’ve partnered with a few VCs and twitter/youtube influencers but haven’t announced the details yet, we’ll have more for you guys in the coming weeks

Lola(AMA HOST): Ok. We await that.☺️

Q6. Can you tell us how Safe is Safe Launch for the Community to trust and for Projects to Launch

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH):

Sure! So we’ve been doing rigorous testing of our platform for the past few weeks and the other day completed our contract audits with RD auditors and got the green flag of ‘Well-Secured’ we’ll be posting the audit report on our website and twitter soon.

All the projects will go through our rigorous KYC process and we’re currently in the process of partnering with a well-known KYC firm in the industry. On top of this all projects that launch on our IDO platform will have their liquidity locked automatically to prevent rugs and we also have our own 122 point in-house check on all new projects.

Lola(AMA HOST): Why did you choose RD for your auditing?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): We were introduced to RD Auditors by BSC News and we looked into RD Auditors and they were really helpful. They’ve also audited big projects like Wault and others so we knew we’d be in safe hands 🙂

Lola(AMA HOST): Wow! That’s good. Glad you did.😊

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): Here’s a link to their twitter if anyone wants to check them out:

Q7. Can you share with our community the plans do you have for this year and the coming years?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): Sure our roadmap looks like this:

✅ Contract Audits

✅Liquidity Mining & Staking

✅ SafeLaunch LaunchPad

🔜 Launch $SFE token launch

🔜 First LaunchPad PreSale

🔜 PancakeSwap Listing

🔜 CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap Listing

Q2 2021

🔜 Second LaunchPad PreSale

🔜 Third LaunchPad PreSale

🔜 Tiered Discord Channel For Private Allocations

🔜 Integrate Extra Farms, Vaults & Yield Optimization

Q3 2021

🔜 Fairlaunch $SFEX


🔜 Centralized Exchange Listing

🔜 Fourth LaunhPad PreSale

We have big plans we’ve already developed our launchpad, farms and token, we’re now working towards our own IDO on our platform at the beginning of June. We’re already in talks with a few projects to have them launch on our platform more info on that to follow. On-going development we will have farms for each and every project we launch on our launchpad, we’re going to fairlaunch another token $SFEX which will allow us to create vaults, optimized yield farming and also build an AMM.

Q8. What are the major challenges of Safe Launch and how do you intend to solve them?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): I think the biggest challenge within the crypto scene right now is investor confidence, to ensure investor safety into all projects we launch on our platform we’ll be paying for their audits to ensure that the contracts are safe, locking their liquidity and performing our own in-depth 122 point due diligence checks.

Q9. Share with us all the links about Safe Launch, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): 





Sorry forgot telegram!

Q10. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

LittleRocketMan (SAFELAUNCH): Yes we do! All our contracts have been audited and have come back with the green light and on top of this we’d like to announce strategic investment from CCK Ventures

Lola(AMA HOST): Thanks for your answers.

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