Rypay Introducing Ruyi Wallet For Crypto Users

Cryptocurrency is much more than a fad. We must incorporate it into our daily lives. Buying, trading, and selling bitcoins all need the use of cryptocurrency wallets. Traders rely on them to securely store crypto, as well as to protect and validate transaction data.

We are here to introduce Ruyiwallet, which is revolutionary in the crypto world. Custom crypto wallets, whether hardware or software, also known as hot and cold storage, provide traders with tailored solutions that are not available on crypto exchanges. Ruyiwallet will make cryptocurrency transactions more accessible, allowing anybody to enjoy the rapid, secure, and borderless fun of cryptocurrency transactions.

Ruyi wallet is designed to fill the gap between CeFi and DeFi.This cryptocurrency wallet may be used for billing, utilities, point of sale, payroll, remittance, messaging, and peer-to-peer transactions. Their wallet will also facilitate trading on multiple blockchain exchanges. Their ultimate objective is to create a fully-functional blockchain. To learn more about Ruyi Technology and Ruyi wallet, continue reading.

About Ruyi Technology

Ruyi Technology, Inc will provide a one-stop-shop platform that will transform the way consumers and businesses transfer, receive and store different currencies safely.

Through their website and easy-to-use applications, they will integrate peer-to-peer online payments, e-commerce, cryptocurrency and fiat exchange, multi-currency wallet, encrypted messaging, international remittances, and business integrations, as well as social networking and marketing.

Ruyi Technology, headquartered in Manila, Philippines, was founded in December 2020. Their vision is to be the gold standard in the cryptocurrency business regarding platform security, technology, customer support, and service providers by forming mutually beneficial partnerships with our users, community members, and investors.

Why Choose Ruyi Technology For Your Cryptocurrency?

Rypay is a well-known and fast-growing cryptocurrency company that enables millions of individuals worldwide to quickly and securely obtain cryptocurrencies. Their wallet is 100% secure and anonymous. You have complete control over your wallet and ensure that your funds are safe.

Rypay provides two options for allowing your website to accept encrypted currency payments quickly and easily:

APIs and merchants

Rypay will streamline the bitcoin payment process while also ensuring security and ease.


Their wallet protects your identity at all times.


In the Ruyi wallet, you can quickly exchange or trade cryptocurrencies.


You are the only one who has power over your money, so your Ruyi wallet is 100% secure and safe.

Multi-Coin Wallet

The Multi-Coin Wallet supports all popular cryptocurrencies.

Critical Features Of Ruyi Wallet

Free Wallet

Freely switch wallet mode (decentralization/centralization), enable multi-chain and multi-currency, 5-fold verification to ensure the safety of funds, and real-time transaction details via Ruyi wallet and email.

Pricing Structures for Merchants

The Merchant Service allows you to incorporate client payments into your website. Activate the Merchant to connect your online store or website to Rypay and accept cryptocurrencies and other payment methods.

Application Programming Interface

An application programming interface (API) is a set of instructions that tells a computer how to do something. It can connect Rypay payments with various platforms to receive and transfer amounts.


In the Ruyi wallet, you can effortlessly and conveniently swap cryptocurrencies. High limits Fast exchange Profit rate

What Is Ruyi Wallet?

Ruyi Wallet is a dual-core wallet that can handle both centralization and decentralization simultaneously, with one-click switching and no transaction fees.

No Charge

In the wallet, there is no charge for transfers between users.

Encryption On Two Levels

It is built on blockchain technology to protect information security and uses military and encryption systems.

Adaptable Finance

Convenient and quick cross-regional, cross-platform cryptocurrency and legal currency transactions.

All Types Of Payments

Ruyi Wallet has a simple setup that allows it to take all types of payments.BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI, OKB, BUSD, and many other currencies are supported.


OTC Trading is based on KYC&AML, which ensures transaction security and anonymity.


Communication is encrypted for users. To maintain security, AES256 two-way encryption is used.

Payment Access For Merchants

Allow cryptocurrencies to be accepted in your online and offline stores.

Ruyi Wallet Funds

The address of the Ruyi wallet system is separated into two parts, one of which is an online address and the other of which is an offline address, indicating that the address’s private critical storage state is both online and offline. The two addresses have a 1:4 fund deposit ratio.

The system will transfer the assets to the offline address by default after the user deposits the currency. The actual transaction is carried out in accounting, and the user will only transfer money from the online address when the currency is withdrawn to the outside. Even if the server is hacked, the loss will be kept to less than 20% of the total.

User Privacy Policy

Ruyi Wallet places a high priority on user information security and privacy protection and goes to great lengths to prevent your information from being leaked, destroyed, or lost through reasonable and effective information security technology and management processes; providing you with convenient information management options to improve the convenience of your information management; protecting your communication secrets and protecting your information and communication selves

Ruyi Wallet complies with all applicable rules and regulations, collects just the information required, and improves the openness of data processing.

It incorporates legislation, goods, design, and other variables into the notion of privacy protection in all parts of product or service development to give you more security and reliable service.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this privacy policy or your personal information, don’t hesitate to contact Ruyi Wallet customer service. Official customer service email: [email protected]

They will respond within 15 days under normal conditions. You can also make a complaint or report to regulatory agencies such as network information, telecommunications, public security, and industry and commerce if you are dissatisfied with our response, particularly if their personal information processing conduct has impacted your legal rights.

Their skilled customer support team will assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to rapidly resolve any issues you may have. Online support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a quick response time

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