Crypto Ruggers’ Nightmare is Cryptoverse’s Boon

Cryptoverse scamsters beware! Fast, secure, and trusted is reviewing live. The Vetting Revolution for Crypto (DeFi)

The DeFi-mazing is all set to pull the ruggers away, for good. Committed to making DeFi (decentralized finance) safer, RugDoc aims to enhance cryptocurrency access for newbies. RugDoc offers free-of-cost risk assessment for projects, to make DeFi appealing for ambitious cryptocurrency users.

RugDoc has so far done over 2,500 project reviews of farms, tokens, exchanges (AMMs and DEXs), OHM Forks, P2E games, and NFTs across 24 networks. The Avalanche and IoTeX chains, Paladin, Oasis, ApeSwap, and Moonlight are official partners of RugDoc. RugDoc helps genuine project owners feature their projects. The project risk-rater offers badges as proof of being RugDoc reviewed. RugDoc strictly clarifies that its “review” should not be construed as or called an “audit.”

RugDoc KYC Program: Signal Honesty, Exercise Genuinity

Get KYC’d! A beta-limited service, RugDoc’s Gold Standard KYC (Know Your Customer) Program allows project developers to undergo a KYC via a verification service. Project developers can join in a market-leading vetting process of RugDoc KYC. The comprehensive KYC program lets developers signal project ownership and guise accountability if maligning events occur. The KYC program discourages project owners from acting unethically. 

Given that the demand is ever-rising for a KYC process in the DeFi market, RugDoc’s KYC eliminates developers’ anonymity. Competing KYC service providers usually vet only to the extent of asking submission of a government-issued ID (that is fakeable). RugDoc KYC vets developers comprehensively and the nature of their actual (justified) DeFi project participation. It makes sure the developers are not mere actors concealing identity to act as project founders.

The RugDoc KYC Process

The most secure KYC program in crypto, RugDoc is fast, secure, and trusted. Offering an added security layer, the RugDoc KYC is custom-made for DeFi. Let’s now learn why over 100+ projects opt for RugDoc’s industry-leading KYC program:

RugDoc KYC involves conducting a Zoom call accounting for manual verification of the submitted KYC document. Not just that, the applicant also duly undergoes on-call verification on Zoom. The idea here is to check and confirm that the aspiring applicant and the document they submit are genuine, legit, and exact. Proper care is taken to identify and prevent the usage of synthetics (such as DeepFake, etc).

The applicants are required to prove they have legit access to the deployer or team wallet of the concerned project. The underlying concept here is for the applicant to exhibit “top-level access” in the project. This exercise would also show if the applicant is 100% responsible for the origination of the address.

It is also vital that the applicant reports officially that they are the sole individual having access to the said address. If not, all other individuals wanting access would have to undergo KYC.

Initiate a low-value monetary (refundable) transaction to an address offered on video to transparently prove project ownership.

What sets RugDoc and its KYC apart from its rivals are these above-mentioned crucial points of the KYC process. RugDoc KYC goes beyond merely giving a KYC badge NFT as a security souvenir.

RugDoc’s 3 Steps to DeFi Security

Fill in your project and personal details in RugDoc’s web form.

Show proof of control via their fast and secure ID verification process.

Upload your personal identity documents for verification. & DeFi: The Current Potential & the Future Prospects has been featured in prominent digital media, such as Business InsiderForbesBitcoinistThe Times of India, and Yahoo Finance. The Bitcoinist reports, per “London-based Elliptic,” that “users suffered losses totaling $12B, out of which scams were responsible for $10.5B.” These statistics are daunting to look at, but RugDoc and DeFi can together make a difference. The Bitcoinist highlights in its article the vitality of “Product Reviews.” It goes on to state that reviews save time, energy, and money.

As you can see, RugDoc has been getting massive attention from the mainstream media. Just take a look at these search results from simply typing in “crypto” into Google. The article from Yahoo Finance about RucDoc is number two on the list!

To be future-ready,, via its “Launch Calendar,” also scans new projects on an ongoing basis. RugDoc has as its core focus to explore a technical analysis of projects (e.g. technically analyzing project smart contracts). RugDoc’s Honeypot Token Checker verifies smart contracts’ potential impact on token sales and instant withdrawals (for funds access by users). RugDoc’s LP Breaker service sets apart the LP tokens.

RugDoc leaves no stone unturned in ensuring an efficient DeFi project and developer verification.

And here’s just one more reason why so many projects want to work with Project owners can exhibit their “pristine KYC Badge to over 100k+ monthly unique visitors on RugDoc’s website.

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