RocketFi Announces Beta Launch For Web3 Onboarding Dapp

The dApp is one of the easy-to-use tools developed by the protocol whose mission is to simplify users’ Web3 and DeFi experience.

RocketFi Beta Dapp is Live

Web3 tools protocol, RocketFi, announced the launch of the beta version of its decentralized application (dApp), which is designed to be an easy-to-use interface to a rewarding Web3 adventure for both crypto newbies and veterans. 

According to a press release obtained by BSC News, the vision of RocketFi is to simplify Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the Web3 experience for everyone. As such, RocketFi’s mission is to create blockchain tools from scratch to provide helpful functionality while cutting out the complications.

“In a space filled with complex data and numbers, our goal is to create user-friendly tools that simplify and visualize blockchain data while continuing to innovate on what’s possible with smart contracts. Essentially, RocketFi is the ideal single entry point for both experienced and new crypto holders,” Erick Lopez, RocketFi’s Creative Director, remarked.


Main Feature of the dApp

The dApp’s utility is tied to the protocol’s $ROCKETFI token. The token is a reflection token, whereby a tax is applied on each transaction. 7% tax is applied on Buys, 14% on sales, while transfers incur 1% tax. 60% of the total tax is redistributed as SMART Reflections rewards to holders of the $ROCKETFI token.

The difference between RocketFi and most other reflection tokens is that while most other tokens reward holders with the same native token, RocketFi’s SMART reflections reward holders with BUSD by default. RocketFi’s holders can also choose to split their reflection rewards such that they receive other tokens like XRP, ETH, BTC, DOGE, SHIB, ADA, etc., as rewards. This feature that lets $ROCKETFI holders diversify their rewards is the stand-out feature of the dApp. Aside from SMART reflections, the ecosystem has a second reflection rewards pool––the RocketFuel points system––which rewards holders in $ROCKETFI tokens.

The RocketFi project initially launched in December 2021 as Earnfi but later rebranded to RocketFi to focus on developing Web3 and DeFi tools. With the beta launch of its dApp, the RocketFi continues to push its philosophy of making DeFi and Web3 user-friendly for all everyone. The team plans to follow up the beta launch of its dApp with the beta launch of its crypto wallet in June.

What is RocketFi:

RocketFi is a BNB Chain protocol on a mission to create innovative and user-friendly blockchain and web3 tools. The platform targets building its products from the ground up to ensure optimal user-friendly utility for both crypto amateurs and experts.

The project team comprises leaders in engineering, security, design, etc., pooling their expertise together to drive RocketFi’s innovative approach to Web3 tools development.

Where to find RocketFi:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord | Reddit | YouTube 

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