Rise of Defenders GameFi Announces MultiDex IDO

In an ever-increasing GameFi sector, Rise of Defenders will understand the difficult proposition that is distinguishing itself from a competitive wealth of projects.

PlaytoEarn Prospect RoD Readies for IDO

The wealth of PlaytoEarn prospects currently on Binance Smart Chain means that success is no easy accomplishment in this industry, but Rise of Defenders now feels ready to meet that challenge. 

On Christmas day via Twitter the team have officially announced its upcoming IDOs due to take place through several launches:






The IDOs have been scheduled for December 29, and the many participants already having taken part in the whitelisting competitions suggest there may well be interest to come. 

Moving to 2022 with GameFi

The unfortunate reality is that as we move toward 2022, the saturated GameFi sector will be reshaped, with many prospects that had promised so much suddenly meeting their demise. 

It is not all doom and gloom, for that to take place there is an understanding that an increasing number of game developers, perhaps even from traditional gaming, will realize the opportunity within blockchain technology. With that follows traditional game studios that we have already seen highlighting their interest. This of course, means that 2022 could yet be a huge year for the cryptosphere, but the stark reality is that many initial GameFi projects will simply be pushed out. 

There will be projects that actively understand what is to come and will be working toward establishing a solid community with a long-term perspective; whether Rise of Defenders can manage this remains to be seen. BSC News will be paying close attention to the progress this exciting project makes.   


What is Rise of Defenders?

Rise of Defenders describes itself as similar to the Tower Defense game with added RPG elements. The team identifies inspiration from popular JRPG game titles such as Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Tactic Ogre, and AFK Arena. The main task of the game is to organize the formation, upgrade heroes, and prevent the destruction of the base by monsters. Each hero in the game has their own unique skills that make fighting and defense easier.

Other than fighting the machine through the Campaign mode, players can compete with other players around the world in two different modes: Tournament and Arena, which are very competitive and fascinating, to demonstrate their tactical skills.

Joining the world of Rise of Defender allows players to collect NFT items such as heroes, mythical equipment, and reinforced items through various game modes in the gameplay, in addition to experiencing exciting games and a spectacular world. All players’ efforts will be rewarded with fame and valuable items that no game can get.

Where to find Rise of Defenders:

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Source : bsc.news

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