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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today? 

Huy Minh: Hi everyone. I’m good! Thank you!

BSC_Daily Admin: Glad to hear! Are you ready for our AMA?

Huy Minh: Yesss.

Q1: Please introduce Rise of Defenders and the Team – Apero behind the project. And why choose the name Apero?

Huy Minh: Hello everyone, I’m Huy Minh – CEO Rise of Defenders. I am very happy that I am here today to share interesting information with everybody. RoD is an NFT game in the Tower Defenders series, we aim to build a large Metaverse world starting with RoD. This is where players can Free to Play and Play to Earn with many attractive rewards. Players have the opportunity in RoD to become the main job that brings high income. We believe and will develop RoD as not just a simple Play to Earn game but also a player’s own world, they can build their kingdom and economy, interact with others through your in-game avatar.

Apero is the right company to support us during the development of the RoD project.

They are a big business, ranked in the Global Top 24 with the largest projects on Google Play, with a customer base of millions of global users.

We are delighted to have the support and help from Apero during the initial development of this project.

Q2: What is Rise of Defenders’s mission and the idea behind the game?

Huy Minh: Our goal is to be different, serve a large number of users and provide them with attractive reward opportunities.

We want to create a project where NFT games will be special, not only interesting experiences but also attractive work for many people. We believe there will be a big change in jobs in the future, and Play to Earn will be a big turning point, many people will see this as real money-making like any other. Rise of Defenders will be a project capable of providing this job opportunity to millions of people around the world.

Therefore, all of our product development plans are geared towards the interests of the players.

We will continuously cooperate with global partners in the community, game guilds, exchanges to help more people have the opportunity to access and experience the game, win attractive rewards from the game and have the chance to increase your fortune in the game.

Q3: Let’s dive into your $RDR and $RDG token. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $RDR and $RDG use cases? And as of right now, how is your ROI?

Huy Minh: The project has 2 tokens in the ecosystem, RDG and RDR.

– With RDG as an in-game token, this token players can use to upgrade and increase their power to have more chances of getting bigger rewards behind.

– RDR is Governance token, this token can also be used for special upgrades in the game, used to buy NFTs, Staking or Trading on CEX & DEX exchanges. In addition, with the orientation to become a DAO organization, RDR token holders will have the right to participate in voting on the development plan of some important project features.

We are currently planning an IDO and by the end of December, the information will be announced on the official Social channels, stay tuned.

Q4: Does the project have any backers or partners? Please tell us more about them.

Huy Minh: We quickly gained support and investment from more than 40 global VCs.

Some names can be mentioned such as Exnetwork – AU21 – Dreamboart – TK Venture – Maven Capital…you can see more information from our Twitter or project website about these partners.

The high appreciation from VCs is the initial proof of the potential of the project, we are really happy about this, and it is also the motivation for us to develop the project even better according to the expectations of the community. copper and investors.

Q5: Does your project get audited? And how can you make sure there’s no bugs or hacks in your project?

Huy Minh: We have partnered with Certik to Audit our Smart Contracts to ensure the highest safety of user assets. Besides, our tech team’s experience in deploying security can ensure these security holes.

During the audit of Smart Contracts, we have done this many times with Certik to make sure that there are not any security holes and that it will be absolutely safe. Therefore, we confidently share that you have complete confidence in this matter.

Q6: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

Huy Minh: We have an IDO plan at the end of December, after which we will launch the Beta version of the game.

After IDO and launch the Beta version of the game, we will conduct the sale of NFTs to serve global players.

Next will launch the attractive feature Tournament, this will be a game mode that helps high-achieving players receive the most attractive rewards besides the rewards from the Campaign game mode.

Quarterly there will be continuous updates on partners, new game features such as Arena, Heroes – Equipment … of the game.

Q7: Which features do you have that really make you stand out in the GameFi/Game NFT market?

Huy Minh: We have many differences to believe that Rise of Defenders is fully supported by the community and set apart in the world of NFT games/GameFi:

– RoD is an attractive Tower Defenders-oriented game, players have many different game modes to choose from and the opportunity to Earn from the game is huge.

– The economy in the game is designed optimally by us, ensuring the inflation factor that many GameFi are facing today.

– Free to Play and Play to Earn game modes help players have a variety of choices, reducing all factors of gaming barriers to close to zero. The game is aimed at a large community of players, without geographical and age restrictions. or gender.

– Revenue sharing mechanism from Rise of Defenders to the community of attractive token holders.

– Game features, NFT system, Heroes, Equipment, Castle are constantly being updated to help keep the gaming experience interesting for players.

In addition, there are many other extremely interesting things that we will gradually share with you in the following occasions.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Rise of Defenders?

Huy Minh: You can completely find information about the project on our official channels:


In it you will get information through the Official Social Link of the project. We regularly announce information about partners, important updates of the project on this.

BSC_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Rise of Defenders 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @huyminhkts

Huy Minh: Thank you to everyone who took the time today to learn about the project with us. Would love to answer a lot of interesting questions, but time is up, so I’ll come back another time to meet everyone.

Wish you all a good weekend! Love you guys!

BSC_Daily Admin: And we – the bsc_daily community wishes you and Rise of Defenders success in the future! We would love to hear more from you if possible.

Thank you for being here with us!





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