Ridotto – Reinventing the Gambling Experience

The gambling industry is about to undergo a major paradigm shift: Ridotto, the very first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol, is launching its IDO through CardStarter on September 27th and will debut on Uniswap on September 28th. 

What is Ridotto?

Ridotto promises to totally revolutionize the gambling industry, and turn it topsy turvy through decentralization. Beyond their sleek flagship casino, their protocol enables users to not only play games, but to build and bankroll them as well. Built on Cardano, this innovative approach is designed to do to online gambling, what mobile apps did to online gaming. Ridotto wants to unleash retail ingenuity by giving users the decentralized infrastructure to finance, create, and usher in the evolution of online gambling.

Ridotto Features

Key elements that distinguish Ridotto as an absolute game-changer when it comes to the online gambling industry:

Easy Build

Ridotto will offer its community and B2B partners alike a seamless and retail-friendly casino-building protocol through which they can develop their very own, hand-tailored casino games and applications.

With Ridotto Lab, they can create unique games on the protocol’s platform, which provides streamlined tools, SDKs, libraries, and the incorporation of additional layers such as Oracles to bootstrap community game making.


Ridotto’s intricate system of liquidity providing will empower investors and gambling enthusiasts alike to bankroll its ecosystem of games. Even cooler, Ridotto’s system of decentralized casino funding allows the community to provide liquidity in a manner that accounts for risk preference.

Community Governance

The RDT token will enable community members to suggest and vote on proposals that will radically impact the protocol in every way that it functions, from marketing to operations, to everything in between. Not only does this provide stakers with a way of exercising power through their investment, but by giving users the tools to determine how the platform is run, Ridotto offers a viable solution to gambling’s age-old nemesis: self-interest of the few. 

All-in-One App

Ridotto’s platform is a one-of-a-kind software that offers a vivid and exciting gambling experience. Its user-friendly design allows players to quickly access their favorite games, pools, and wallets – giving them complete control of all aspects of the gambling industry.

Full Transparency

To ensure integrity of Ridotto games, updated and precise game metric data like winning rates, probabilities, and all other information that would normally be hidden by traditional casinos will be readily available. Because this data is officiated by the blockchain, which can not be tampered with due to its distribution, users can rest assured that the games that they play are both fair and safe.

Nested Interoperability

Ridotto is intended to be a cross-chain protocol to reduce the expenses of smart contracts and transaction fees across the platform. The protocol’s distinct market advantage is in how it maximizes the utility of different blockchains to deliver the easiest and most cost-effective user experience.

Ridotto NFTs

NFTs will be fully incorporated into all areas of Ridotto’s play, build, and bankroll environment as a gambling platform. The utility concept will be the guiding premise of all their NFTs, providing distinct options to customers looking to maximize their profits.

Ridotto’s three categories of NFTs are as follows:

Platform Benefits

Game Specific

Social and collaborative

In the time just after launch, Ridotto is already releasing its first set of Platform Benefit NFTs; they are a limited-edition collection that features a futuristic neon design and provides players with exclusive Ridotto gambling benefits. Aside from the beautiful artwork, each NFT card has a function that improves the digital experience for the community through immediate profitability. 

IDO on Sep 27th & Uniswap Launch on Sep 28th

On September 27th, Ridotto, the world’s first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol, will become live on CardStarter – although registration is already closed, Ridotto’s token will be live to the grand public on September 28th at *:05 am UTC on Uniswap. 

Follow the official Twitter and Telegram to remain updated on the latest news as it becomes available.

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CardStarter Partnership

CardStarter, Cardano’s flagship incubator, launchpad, and insurance program, chose Ridotto because of its potential to completely reinvent and flip the gambling sector through decentralization. Ridotto’s community may finance any games offered on the platform and become the House, as well as develop their own using a customizable, user-friendly SDK library, in addition to their elegant flagship casino.

Ridotto will be connected with selected media and marketing partners as a CardStarter Accelerator Project to guarantee maximum network exposure. CardStarter will also assist Ridotto in gaining access to communities inside the Cardano network, with the goal of forming additional collaborations in the future.

How to join Ridotto IDO

Ridotto registration requires a tier qualifying quantity of CARDS staked. KYC is also necessary. You should have completed and validated your KYC by the conclusion of the Ridotto registration window, which closes at 3 p.m. UTC on September 24th at the latest.

Then, go to pools.cardstarter.io and sign up. At 100% participation, your pool weight will range from 0.1x to 1.5x. You can choose up to a 1.5x pool weight with any number of CARDS in the Wild Card bracket, but the higher you push your pool weight, the lesser your chances of participation.

Finally, the Ridotto Event will begin at 3 p.m. UTC on Monday, September 27th, and will run for 24 hours, allowing you to finish your deal. 

Uniswap Launch on Sep 28th

Ridotto will be listed on Uniswap by September 28th, following the IDO event on September 27th.

Uniswap is one of the most successful DeFi ventures that is not intended to generate revenue. It functions as an open-source technology that eliminates intermediaries and uses token pools to set pricing without collecting platform or listing costs.


Q4 2020: The Protocol

Define the gambling sector’s problems and opportunities

Build the market research plan

Benchmark the competitors’ solutions

Establish an advisory board

Q1 2021: Whitepaper

Design the protocol architecture

Prototype the solution

Propose the whitepaper

Q2 2021: Sales and Investor

Implement the vesting strategy framework

Promote team growth and strategic partners

Q3 2021: Early Adopters

Release the Ridotto Token “RDT”

Implement the vesting strategy

Launch the Ridotto IDO

Launch farming and staking pools

Release NFT cards multiplier

Develop games catalog scenario

Q4 2021: Ridotto Protocol

Apply for casino regulatory compliance

Release the no-loss game on Cardano

Develop cross-chain bridge

Add CEX exposure

Q1/Q2 2022: Partners Integration

Release & Audit the games

Integrate extra-layer partners (DEX, Oracle, Wallet, ….)

Q3 2022: The App

Launch Ridotto game incubator

Start the bug bounty program

Release the Ridotto beta app

Q4 2022: The Lab

Release the Ridotto App

Develop the Ridotto virtual casino

Release the beta lab

Add extra-chain (EVM compatible)

Learn More

Website: ridotto.io

Twitter: twitter.com/ridotto_io

Telegram: t.me/ridotto_community

Website: ridotto.io

Twitter: twitter.com/ridotto_io

Telegram: t.me/ridotto_community

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