Rewards Token – Living Up to Their Name

The platform seeks to offer a two-fold yield rewards system that distinguishes them from other yield farming platforms.

What is Rewards Token?

Rewards Token is a platform that looks to become a premier yield farming and liquidity providing protocol in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The protocol has a unique taxation system that pays holders in their $REWARDS token as well as stablecoin USDT. 

The goal of Rewards Token is to create a DeFi ecosystem that enables users to manage their digital assets with a strong security backing. The protocol also aims to provide equal opportunity for individuals to grow wealth while ensuring that revenue from the protocol goes to charities and the less fortunate. 

Rewards Token looks to build a platform that helps work to end world poverty, disease while providing a platform for everyone. The platform will also soon have merchandise available for purchase for those looking to show off their support for Rewards Token.

Key Features

The REWARDS Token 

Platform Similar to PooCoin in Development

IDO Launchpad for Meme Coins

Influencers Involved 

Auditing in Progress

Marketing Budget


The Rewards Token

One of the key features of the Rewards Token platform is their native token $REWARDS. The REWARDS token is integral to the platform and supportive the protocol’s vision

The REWARDS token is a deflationary token aimed to bring maximum value to holders. Each transaction with the REWARDS token comes with a 12% tax when purchased and a 15% tax when sold. 

What is very unique about the REWARDS token is that it dedicates 8% taken from both the buy and sales tax to be distributed as USDT rewards to holders. Holders of REWARDS token will earn USDT for just holding the REWARDS token. This means you will be earning while you sleep. This ensures REWARDS holders capitalize massively from holding REWARDS tokens. 

PooCoin-Type Platform

Although not complete yet, the Rewards Token protocol has in development a platform similar to PooCoin. This would enable investors to have a single place to swap, track and earn via DeFi. 

IDO Launchpad for Meme Coins

According to Rewards Token’s whitepaperthe project also looks to eventually implement an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad sometime late during their phase two. The IDO launchpad feature would allow new decentralized exchanges to start their rigorous journey with the help of Rewards Token. 


Rewards Token also has some notable influencers behind the project. According to Rewards Token, influencers involved in the project include Dan FolgerArmani Izadi, and Soulja Boy

Influencers’ involvement with crypto in recent months have quite dramatically grown, and the partnerships with Rewards Token speak to said growth.  

Audit by Block Before Presale

Rewards Token is currently under audit by Block. The details will be available on Rewards Token website once the audit has completed.

Marketing Budget 

The Rewards Token protocol has also exclusively told BSC.NEWS of their huge marketing budget. Time will tell what the protocol plans to do with the massive budget they have. 


There is a total supply of 1 quadrillion $REWARDS tokens. Shown below is the token distribution.


The Rewards Token roadmap is full of planned integrations. Phase 2 of Rewards Token’s roadmap is shown below.

Concluding Thoughts

The Rewards Token protocol is an interesting project gearing up to make their mark in the DeFi world. The protocol has interesting use case features including a 12%+ tax on token transaction, a PooCoin like price tracker, an exchange feature, and a IDO launchpad. Time will tell if Rewards Token can survive and prosper in the DeFi markets. 

To learn more about Rewards Token, visit the following links!

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