Revomon P2E Mobile Game Gears Up for Release

Revomon brings an encouraging formula consisting of an intriguing mix of traditional gaming fun and prospects of earning and exploration made possible by innovative technology.

Launch Day Approaches for Revomon

Revomon prepares to launch its PlaytoEarn mobile offering, boasting its own metaverse and the kind of art likely to rekindle a gaming nostalgia. 

April 30 has been the long-term launch target for the game, and as we approach D-Day, Revomon revealed more about its offering. With a Pokemon-esque collectible incentive for its players, Revomon is looking to inspire similar engagement in the hunter and gather gameplay.

The game looks to combine VR experiences such as grabbing, throwing, shooting, and free movement with the disruptive innovations that are only possible through blockchain technology: earning money through playing, harboring NFTs, and being a part of community

The short teaser tweeted by Revomon on April 23, depicts encouraging graphics and the creative creatures that can attract users. The communication element on the gaming app, including chat and negotiation, allows for trades and friendships to flourish. 

Within the project, there appears to be a wholesome mix of traditional gaming fun and innovative technological possibilities. In an already saturated GameFi space, projects have to distinguish themselves, and Revomon’s VR pivot may entice users toward the project. 

Despite its distinguishing features, however, there are core tenets of most blockchain gaming projects that seem to ring true for Revomon as well.

Revomon’s Core Beliefs

The team outlines their key beliefs that underpin the game and will look to attract prospective players are outlined on the GameFi project’s docs

Ownership: The team explains that they believe in a future where players own what they collect. Each Revomon can be swapped into an ERC-721 NFT.

PlaytoEarn: The project exemplifies the strong held belief in a place where your entertainment can be turned into a source of income.

Staking: Start staking/farming $REVO to help secure in-game network activities. Participants are rewarded for depositing and holding coins with constant, guaranteed time-based returns.

DAO: The team also outlines its belief in a game built and led by its community. Each token holder can vote on major decisions about the platform, game, and content.

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BSC News will be keeping track of how Revomon manages to perform as we approach the launch.

What is Revomon:

Revomon is an online role-playing metaverse (RPG) that combines an immersive virtual-reality experience with the ground-breaking technology behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The team claims this synergy will allow for the creation of real value in a virtual world by leveraging highlights. 

They have created a metaverse where players can socialize with each other while hunting for wild Revomon. The team describes the project as Axie Infinity meets Pokémon Go but in a fully immersive virtual reality (VR) environment.

Where to find Revomon:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

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