Revelation Hackathon Kicks Off Hosted by BNB Chain and Dora Hacks

The month-long hackathon is coming at a crucial moment when BNB Chain sets the stage for its multichain evolution.

Revelations Hackathon for Multichain Future

The opening ceremony of the Revelation Hackathon hosted by BNB Chain in cooperation with Dora Hacks occurred, bringing a start to the first-ever global BNB Chain hackathon. The opening ceremony featured appearances of top players at BNB Chain and was hosted by Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain.

The hackathon kicked off on March 21 and will run for fifty total days until May 10. The event will feature online workshops and in-person meetups that will focus on hacking and building in six key areas for the BNB Chain. The six areas will be run through tracks directed by some prominent names in the blockchain industry. 

Six Tracks and Owners:

NFT, Metaverse & GameFi – KardiaChain

DAO – GuildFi

Infra – Celer Network and Ankr

Blockchain For Good – HashKey Group

Frontier – CertiK Tech

DeFi – Venus Protocol

The hackathon will seek to dive deeply into the BNB Chain ecosystem and hopefully produce some amazing products to usher in the dawn of MetaFi. The team from BNB Chain was noticeably excited at the opening ceremony and there will be up to $10 million in prizes, so there should be general excitement from the BNB Chain community as well. 

“Through the name ‘Revelations,’ we want to promote the idea of new discoveries and developments within the BNB Chain ecosystem,” Samy Karim, Ecosystem Coordinator of BNB Chain. “Some of you may have seen that in the 2022 technology roadmap, BNB Chain expects to evolve from single chain to multichain.”

BNB Chain continues to outpace all other blockchains in regard to transactions, wallets, and other metrics. And the chain is only looking to build even further. As networks like Ethereum continue to wait on a new Consensus layer, the Revelation Hackathon looks set to accelerate the development of BNB Chain and potentially widen the gap between other chain activity even further.

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