Revamping Security: BlockDAG’s Domain Switch Bolsters Safety Amid BNB Chain Vulnerabilities and Arweave’s Surging Value

Revamping Security: BlockDAG's Domain Switch Bolsters Safety Amid BNB Chain Vulnerabilities and Arweave's Surging Value

Alex Protocol Bridge on BNB Smart Chain Compromised in $4.3M Security Breach

The Alex protocol bridge on the BNB Smart Chain was compromised following a stealthy contract upgrade, leading to the loss of $4.3 million. The affected bridge, a component of the protocol’s Bitcoin layer-2 solutions, experienced fund siphoning shortly after its contract was unexpectedly altered, an incident flagged by CertiK as a potential private key breach.

The funds, including Binance-Pegged Bitcoin and SKO tokens, were moved shortly before similar activities were noted on Ethereum. The Alex team is investigating the incident, which adds to a growing list of recent security breaches in the crypto sector, impacting platforms like Equalizer and

Arweave Witnesses Expansion in Decentralized Data Storage

Arweave has recently enjoyed a price increase, reinforcing its status in the decentralized data storage sector. Its cost-effective model for permanent data storage drives this growth, attracting diverse industry sectors.

The network’s growth is also supported by new partnerships with major technology companies and a recent network upgrade that introduced coordinated mining, both of which have sparked increased investor interest. Arweave’s continuous technological improvements and strategic planning suggest further potential for expansion.

BlockDAG Adopts New Top-Level Domain to Boost Security and Privacy

BlockDAG has strategically upgraded to a more secure and privacy-focused domain, moving from to This change aims to offer users a more secure and efficient online experience by protecting user data and transactions.

The transition to the new domain coincides with the launch of an enhanced dashboard, now featuring real-time transaction tracking and a revamped user interface. This elevates user experience and ensures greater transparency and ease of use. As BlockDAG enters the next phase of its presale, this move underscores its commitment to leading the crypto space with innovative and user-centric solutions.

Moreover, the dashboard update includes various key enhancements, such as a main Dashboard page for announcements and rankings, a Leaderboard section for insights into top purchasers, and detailed views under “My Transactions” and “Live Transactions.” Users can also customize their experience via the Profile page, improving navigation and personalization.

In A Nutshell

Amid ongoing security issues with the BNB Smart Chain and the rise in Arweave’s price, BlockDAG is advancing with significant enhancements. Its latest major upgrade involves switching its domain from to, improving privacy, security, and the overall user experience.

These improvements have driven presale numbers close to $28 million, affirming BlockDAG’s status as a key player in the crypto market. The updated dashboard, featuring essential new tools and functionalities, offers users a streamlined and more effective experience, promising a bright future for BlockDAG and its growing community.

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