RetroWorld – A Nostalgia Fuelled Decentralised Finance Solution on Binance Smart Chain

RetroWorld utilises a Dual-Token Ecosystem and R-Adaptive Algorithms to protect the integrity and reward attractiveness of their own platform.


RetroWorld is a true ecosystem of decentralized financial tools for Yield-Aggregation and Optimisation. The platform has been fine-tuned to guarantee that value accrual and reward attractiveness do not dwindle with time. Users will benefit from high APYs and the potential to compound benefits in novel ways.

RetroWorld will allow for Multi-Chain Token Bridging, NFT Minting, Community Gaming for Rewards (currently PacMan and Space Invaders), and Instant Swaps for any BSC native tokens, in addition to giving industry-leading Yield-Farming solutions (DEX).

RetroWorld was conceptualized by the development team beginning in Q4 of 2020. The goal was to create a protocol that delivers a comprehensive set of decentralized financial tools in a secure, smart, and user-friendly manner. As a result, after hundreds of modifications of the “traditional” AMM platform interface and backend, which was unimaginatively cloned from Uniswap, they were able to overcome all of the native code limits.


– Constant token supply inflation is addressed in two ways: separation of the Farming and Lead Tokens. Allowing for reward creation and distribution in (GLD) while value accrual, governance (DAO), and stability may be found in (RETRO).

– Reducing the value of incentives over time: The (GLD) coin has an auto-burn mechanism to manage the supply rise caused by block emissions (rewards).

– Pools have a lack of variety: They will conduct voting using the RetroDAO ticket system for future pools that will be added to both staking and farming.

– They will provide a full suite of defi tools for (RETRO) holders, including access to their cross-chain Token Bridge (ETH to BSC, BSC to ETH), NFT Collectibles, Staking, Farming, and the option to Borrow and Lend RUSD as part of their collateralised lending launchpad.

– Impairment Loss: The opportunity to stake the most popular tokens on BSC and ETH without fear of IL is a valuable service provided by all yield farms. Farmers may accumulate assets and reap incentives without being exposed to wild market changes. They will provide a variety of staking pools that will operate for specific lengths of time.

Combatting Reward Decay with a Dual-Token Ecosystem and R-Adaptive

Their double system, which includes R-Adapative and Dual-Tokens, is industry-leading. To begin, they will run RETRO, the ecosystem’s main coin. It has a fixed supply of 85,000, no block emissions (rewards), and cannot be farmed. The utility and value accrual prospects for RETRO, on the other hand, will be vast owing to the Staking, Farming, DAO (Pool additions and Key Ecosystem Decisions), NFT, LaunchPad, and Bridging access you acquire as a RETRO holder.

In principle, this efficiently combats the behavioral maximisation seeking inclination while also fostering hodl inclinations. The platform’s flagship token will not suffer a price decrease as a result of token dilution from farming and staking operations.

The Farming token GOLD, on the other hand, will include block rewards and an initial mint (circ. supply) of 1000 tokens. The GOLD token also includes an Auto-Burn functionality (45 percent of fee, with 70 percent redistributed to GOLD holders and 30 percent burned forever). They have eliminated all manual burn operations, however the GOLD smart contract still has the option for a manual burn if they believe the present controls are insufficient.

They feel that separating the lead and farming tokens is a solid first step toward protecting the integrity and incentive appeal of using the RetroWorld platform.


To further enhance and assure the success of our Dual-Token ecosystem, they have included their own smart routing, R-Adaptive, into their Lead Masterchef Contract. R-Adaptive enables smooth flexibility and management of the GOLD Block Emission schedule and automatically changes the emission schedule based on the circulating supply of gold.

(GOLD) + (RETRO) / 1-A(X) natural variable

As a result, farmers can efficiently regulate and sustain a robust incentive offering related to the economic status of the ecosystem. By overlaying R-Adaptive over our Dual-Token structure, we were able to obtain an NVP upward sloping valuation in our Test-Net D1 through D60 runs with a parameter of (1000) active users with linear farming preferences.

The Initial Launch Farms and Staking Options for Retro World

GOLD-BNB (15X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

GOLD-BUSD (10X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

RETRO-BNB (35X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

RETRO-BUSD (25X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

Following the full protocol launch, they will announce our PancakeSwap R-Adaptive Maximisation Farming LPs. At Block 1, all LPs will begin to get GOLD rewards (800,000).

RETRO (35X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option for Staking with 0% deposit fees for our native tokens)

GOLD (1X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option for Staking with 0% deposit fees for our native tokens)

Following the complete platform launch, they will include CAKE, BTC, ETH, and Bunny staking options. Staking CAKE for more CAKE + WBNB and similar variations using R-Adaptive router mapping through Pancakeswap will be rewarded.


Ticker: RETRO

Contract Address: TBA

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Maximum Supply: 85,000 Retro Tokens

Private Round Sale Information

Private Round Price : 1BNB= 24 Retro Tokens

The Private Round will be held on BSC Main-Net via their RetroLaunchpad DAPP and smart contract

Only those whitelisted addresses can interact with the smart contract, your address will be highlighted in red via their DAPP if you are whitelisted

People will have to interact with their LaunchPad to purchase during the Private Round

Token distribution is automatic upon purchase and you will not have to wait for your tokens as all transactions are carried out instantly on-chain.

Source : bscdaily

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