Retro World: A Nostalgia Fuelled Decentralized Finance Solution

A complete yield farming suite including yield optimization that incorporates a 16-bit theme into DeFi.

Introducing Retro World

Retro World brings yield farming and retro gaming at the intersection between decentralized finance (DeFi) and 16-bit nostalgia. While the headline feature of Retro World is yield farming, the complete suite of features includes token bridging, NFT minting, community gaming with rewards and token swaps for any BSC tokens. Better still, all features of Retro World will be available from launch ensuring no half measures for this DeFi platform.

What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming is a way for crypto investors to earn rewards from their crypto, and for crypto startups to bootstrap the liquidity of their protocol. To encourage users to lock their capital in the protocol and provide the necessary liquidity for it to function, protocols offer (sometimes significant) rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency tokens. While the initial concept is relatively simple, the more you delve into yield farming, the more complex it becomes. There are a huge number of strategies that users can employ to give them the edge and earn greater rewards.

What is Retro World?


Retro World is a yield farming protocol and a suite of powerful DeFi tools, wrapped up in a slick presentation that does not lack for a slick execution. Their focus is on providing a gaming-based experience that will drive adoption among a community already invested in digital properties. Retro World is powered by the Retro token (RETRO), the native governance token of the ecosystem. Staking Retro tokens in Retro World confers rewards to holders in the form of Gold Coins (GLD). 

A major benefit of Retro World is offering high APYs to its users with the ability to compound rewards in new and exciting ways. Retro World goes beyond the yield farming concept to deliver a little something more; rather than yield farming alone, RetroWorld will also allow for multi-chain token bridging, NFT minting, community gaming with rewards and Instant Swaps for any BSC native tokens (DEX).

Key Features

-Core DeFi products in an ultra cool retro gaming presentation

-Staking, Yield Farming, and Compounding rewards

-NFT rewards for high-scoring gamers

-R-Vaults enabling the provision of CAKE, BUNNY and many other LP Tokens to earn boosted rewards via R-Adaptive APY enhancements of your deposited token

Initial Launch Farms

To ensure that users have something to get excited about right out of the gate, Retro World launches with a number of farms from day one. These are:

GOLD-BNB (15X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

GOLD-BUSD (10X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

RETRO-BNB (35X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

RETRO-BUSD (25X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option)

Mario and Pokemon-Inspired Interface For Staking

RETRO (35X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option for Staking with 0% deposit fees for our native tokens)

GOLD (1X Reward Multipliers with Compounding Option for Staking with 0% deposit fees for our native tokens)


Gaming will form a fun additional component of the Retro World ecosystem. The protocol will feature built-in games with rewards available for the highest scorers. The first games to be integrated into Retro World are the arcade classics Pac-Man and Space Invaders, two of the most popular gaming titles of all time.

Each week the highest scoring player is rewarded either with tokens (RETRO, BNB) and outstanding scores will win an exclusive 2D NFT in the Retro World N64 Collection.


The Retro (RETRO) token has a limited fixed supply of only 85,000 with no mint function. This means there will never be more than 85,000 RETRO tokens. RETRO is not the only token of the Retro World ecosystem however. There is also the Gold Coin (GLD) token which can be earned by staking RETRO, meaning that Retro World employs a dual token model.

Further features:

-Tokens in LP contracts and staking vaults cannot be migrated.

-GLD token has a built-in auto-burn feature. This includes 45% of fee, with 70% redistributed to GOLD holders and 30 % burned forever.

-By having a lead token in RETRO and a farming token GLD, Retro World will avoid diluting the governance features of RETRO.

-Incorporating auto-burn mechanisms into the GLD token should ensure it to become deflationary over time.


Another important feature of Retro World is the commitment the project has made to safety and security. The project has already completed a first round of audits with TechRate. They plan to continually update their auditing and security checks with external providers, potential audits may be seen from CertiK and/or Heachi. 

Concluding Thoughts

Retro World has both the style and the substance to make quite an impression when the protocol launches. For this reason anyone interested in yield farming on BSC will most definitely want to take a closer look at this plucky new start up, especially anyone who has a history with gaming. The company is currently conducting an airdrop to promote its upcoming launch with $30,000 worth of tokens to grab. For more details on the airdrop and how to participate see RetroWorld Airdrop Campaign.

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC, it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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