Reta Wars to Launch Open Beta in July

A unique Play2Earn model, where two DAOs strategically “War-to-Earn.”

Open Beta Launch Imminent

Following the successful conclusion of the whitelisted beta testing from May 30 through to June 13, Reta Wars, a simulation game that adds strategic elements to NFT-DeFi, is set to open its doors to the public with an open beta scheduled for July 25, 2022. 

The Play2Earn game system, although still in its infancy, is at the heart of metaverse technology. However, it is currently plagued with several limitations owing to poorly designed game structure, tokenomics, and ecosystem reward resulting in inflation and short-lived projects.  

Reta Wars is taking a different approach and looking to create an improved and sustainable ecosystem with its dual-token system. The goal is for every element of both ecosystem tokens to generate its own value through synergy. There will also be limited roles for “Free to Play” users in a bid to curb the adverse effects of token inflation. 

Reta Wars – The First Game of the “Retaverse”

Reta Wars, as the name implies, is a “war to earn” game where two DAOs compete strategically for revenue. In this large-scale battle simulation, players are divided into two factions (‘Gaia’ or ‘Nate’), where they have to gather troops and resources and fight for their victory with precise calculation. Players can earn the Gold Rose (GRT), which is the community token, and the core Play2Earn reward of the game.

Players must collaborate with members of their factions to win the war and obtain a greater share of the profits. 

The battle, which takes place daily, is a primary game element and represents the most critical P2E content. However, Reta Wars is only the first piece of a more extensive ecosystem which will be known as the “Retaverse”.

The expansion of the ecosystem through subsequent game releases intends to share the existing ecosystem and work in a way that benefits the RETA holder community.

The key aspects of the Reta Wars game include the voting system, staking, community, and in-game scholarship system (Tenant). 

Unlike most Play2Earn games that reward users through repetitive and tactless play, Reta Wars is designed strategically and complexly to provide higher returns to game fanatics, not just reward miners. 

Game Tokenomics

Reta Wars adopts a dual-token approach with the Realital Metaverse (RETA) as the governance token and the Gold Rose (GRT), which will be a community token. 

Governance Token: RETA (RETA)

Running on BNB Chain, RETA is the governance token of the Reta Wars ecosystem built to accrue value to its holders through utility, one of which is the special staking policy. Here, a portion of the generated ecosystem fees is distributed to users who stake the RETA token. Alongside the exciting staking feature, RETA is used as currency and fees when trading NFT assets such as NFT Islands or NFT Heroes on the marketplace. 

Currently, the RETA token is trading on PancakeSwap, with plans to get listed on centralized exchanges.

BSC Contract Info: 


Community Token: Gold Rose (GRT)

Similar to Axie Infinity’s SLP, GRT will be a community token but with a defined supply, demand and utility. 

There are only limited ways to earn this community token, and to profit more from the game, players will need more GRT, creating an avenue to reward active gamers and not just speculators. 

Gamers can amass GRT tokens as battle rewards in Reta War. The token is also required to raise the hero level and reduce the upgrade time of buildings. In addition, GRT will be available to trade on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes).

With a maximum supply of 100,000,000 RETA, there is a 15% (15 million) allocation for the team and 5% (5 million) for advisors with a 5-year lock-up plan. The team is currently focused on development rather than spending available resources on marketing. This ensures that the cost is not eventually passed on to users who might hav to deal with inflation, prompting adverse effects on tokenomics. Learn more about RETA token allocations and unlocks here

After the “Open Beta,” Reta Wars will sell NFTs at a discounted price before the “Official Launch.”

To learn more about Reta Wars, visit the official website here or check out the Whitepaper.

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