Reta Wars Launch Enhanced Staking System for Governance Token

The unique staking system will provide incentives for RETA token holders to benefit from ecosystem revenue.

RETA Token Staking

Play-to-Earn strategy-based GameFi project, Reta Wars, has confirmed that the staking system of its governance token, $RETA, will launch alongside the game on October 3 at 12 PM UTC. The official launch comes on the heels of a successful Open Beta test and sold-out presales.

Reta Wars recently kicked off its official game prelaunch campaign with an open sale promotion on September 26, which will run through the launch date on October 3.


The governance token $RETA is at the heart of the Retaverse ecosystem, and the optimized staking system will incentivize holders by allowing them to deposit their tokens in the Staking Pool to earn various ecosystem rewards.

Key Benefits of RETA Staking

Other than just players, RETA stakers are seen as active contributors to the ecosystem who realize the value of governance through equal sharing of ecosystem benefits alongside the Reta Wars team. As the project expands, so do the benefits for stakers of the governance token.

RETA token holders benefit from staking in two ways:

Tiered Fee Benefits

RETA stakers will receive fee discounts based on the staking tier. The discounts will vary according to the staking tier, which is divided into five titles: Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquess, and Duke. Players who stake 100 RETA will get the tier 5 “Baron”. However, they will need to increase their staking volume to achieve higher tiers and benefits.

The fee benefits for stakers include reduced resource sales fees, GRT withdrawal fees, as well as harvest fees.


Staking Rewards

Reta Wars’ unique staking system will operate perpetually, allowing RETA stakers to continuously receive a portion of ecosystem revenue generated through fees.

RETA staking has a default lock-up of three days. Users who choose to unstake and withdraw their tokens before the lock-up period elapses will be charged a 10% penalty fee.

Find more information about RETA staking benefits here.

Reta Wars recently partnered with YGG Japan – the Japanese subsidiary of one of the world’s largest gaming guilds, Yield Guild Games (YGG), and introduced the game to a large audience at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS2022) in mid-September.

The staking system, aimed at maximizing benefits for the RETA community and token holders, will run concurrently with the official game, starting October 3.

About Reta Wars

Reta War is a “war-to-earn” GameFi that aims to achieve good results by forming and managing one’s army made of NFT assets. It contains elements of strategy simulation to foster and deploy key NFT assets and obtain greater rewards if the faction you belong to wins the war.

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