Reta Wars Announces Partnership with Avocado DAO

The partnership allows Reta Wars to provide a wider range of opportunities for players and scholars.

Avocado DAO Partners with Reta Wars

Play-to-Earn strategy-based GameFi project, Reta Wars, has announced a strategic partnership with Avocado DAO, a prominent Web3 gaming guild. The collaboration is aimed at shaping the long term future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives.

Officially launched on October 3rd, 2022, Reta Wars’ innovative GameFi system offers opportunities to users in several locations across Asia, including Korea and Japan. Thanks to this new partnership, Reta Wars can now expand its range of opportunities for players and scholars, integrating them more quickly into the metaverse.

The War Economy Simulation Offers New Opportunities

In the war economy simulation, players can earn GRT, the in-game token, by selling the resources they harvest. Players can also receive GRT in war rewards by supplying resources to their forces. Furthermore, players who have supplied a lot of resources for power or achieved high results in war can earn the governance token, RETA, on the ranking table.

Reta Wars offers potentially lucrative revenue opportunities; however, it is impossible to accurately predict every result. The tide of war and the planet winning or losing causes resource prices to fluctuate; hence, players need to make strategic and rational choices to maximize their chances of success.

In order to obtain higher returns, players sometimes need to communicate with each other to form groups. This is because the battle strategies that influence victory or defeat in the war, as well as the game profits, are determined by player votes. The game is strategic and requires two giant DAOs to compete for benefits, rewards, and glory.

New Alternative to Sustainable GameFi

Seeking to maintain a sustainable GameFi ecosystem, Reta Wars has implemented a unique tokenomics system. Unlike dual token models which are simply designed to beat inflation, the system maintains value through mutual interaction. This means that users can select various play plans according to their budget and purpose.

While some will sell resources to obtain GRT, others will buy resources to get more of the governance token, RETA. Similar to cross-border trade in the real economy, this is an entirely new approach aimed at providing a sustainable game ecosystem.

Fostering Game Play

Reta Wars’ new GameFi system offers unique solutions to inflation and will now be verified by various gamers around the world. Prior to the partnership, Avocado DAO reviewed the long-term potential of the Reta Wars ecosystem by playing the game. Through innovative tokenomics and deep strategy, the game offers a new perspective on GameFi sustainability.

The solidarity with Avocado DAO plays a significant role in determining team strategies by voting to win the war and earn more revenue. This will eventually encourage more exciting team play, inspiring both Avocado DAO and scholars.

Reta Wars recently partnered with YGG Japan – the Japanese subsidiary of one of the world’s largest gaming guilds, Yield Guild Games (YGG) – and introduced the game to a large audience at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS2022) earlier in September. Reta Wars V1 officially went live, alongside the staking of the governance token, RETA, on October 3rd.

What is Reta Wars:

Reta War is a “war-to-earn” GameFi that aims to achieve good results by forming and managing one’s army made of NFT assets. It contains elements of strategy simulation to foster and deploy key NFT assets and obtain greater rewards if the faction you belong to wins the war.

Learn more about Reta Wars via the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Whitepaper

What is Avocado DAO:

Avocado DAO is a Web3 gaming guild that provides rewarding experiences for its scholars and facilitates entry to GameFi to empower more users.

Learn more about Avocado DAO via the following links:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Linktree

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