Refineable Becomes Exclusive Secondary Marketplace for Dvision Land

Dvision moves on Refineable with LAND sales but sees a bigger partnership brewing in the future.

Dvision Begins Partnership With Cross-Chain Marketplace

Dvision Network has made Refineable the exclusive secondary marketplace for its metaverse LAND NFTs. The expansion into a second marketplace gives Dvision users more operability and exposure to complete peer-to-peer transactions in a permissionless environment. 

The team at Dvision gave insight on how the partnership will work and how to begin trading LAND NFTs on Refineable in a Medium blog from Nov. 25th. Refineable gives Dvision a popular cross-chain collaborator who can help build and integrate more features in time. 

“Refinable is committed to supporting secondary trading on its platform,” the Medium blog explained about the asset interoperability. “Thus, the users that have purchased the LAND NFTs on Dvision Marketplace, Binance NFT, and NFTb will be able to connect their MetaMask wallets with the LAND NFT stored in it and trade it directly on the Refinable Platform.”

The success of the recent Dvision Land sale across three Binance Smart Chain platforms (Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision  Network) has made the need for a new marketplace more important. The tokens on Refineable will be tradeable as BEP-721 tokens at this time, and only sales can occur. The team at Dvision expects a more “robust trading” relationship to develop between the two groups. 

Stay tuned as Dvision has announced that further NFTs from their protocol will be implemented on Refineable in due time, including wearables and avatars. The cross-chain exposure of Refineable also gives Dvision the ability to attract liquidity its metaverse on BSC—impressive growth potential for the platform.

What is Dvision?

Built on BSC, the Dvision network describes itself as a blockchain-based metaverse, where all are welcome to create their own avatars and navigate a virtual system where nothing is impossible. Games, events, and even fairs are common features that people can enjoy.  The Binance Smart Chain 1st anniversary metaverse is another in a long list of successful events that have been appreciated and experienced. 

Users are invited to construct their own NFTs without any prior expertise in the development and offered a decentralized exchange where those NFTs can be sold and bought, creating a revenue stream. The DVI utility token is powered by the platform and trades on several major centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Where to find Dvision:

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