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With the price of Bitcoin going through the moon, the general audience around the world has started being interested in diversifying their funds and investing in cryptocurrency. RedFox Finance has been especially developed to cater to the token traders who are enthusiastically working towards enhancing their portfolio. The traders can get information about token performance on the platform to make good decisions.  One can not only compare two tokens at the platform, they can track their pricing (almost real-time) to make the most of their investments. The project is currently in beta stage. 

Redfox Finance

The RedFox Finance token christened as ‘RFF’ currently ranks at the 3239 spot on CoinMarketCap. Developed on Binance Smart Chain More than 1K crypto enthusiasts have the RFF token on their watch list. In terms of pricing 1 RFF token is currently pegged to $0.1395 (press time). 

The token saw an all-time high on May 10, 2021 (listing day) when it reached a value of $0.4263 price whereas the all-time low was registered at $0.07274 on the same day. 

All Time HighMay 10, 2021 (2 days ago)$0.426366.84%
All Time LowMay 10, 2021 (2 days ago)$0.0727494.34%
Source – CoinMarketCap 


Ethereum dominance in the Decentralized finance arena has been challenged by Binance Smart Chain. While Uniswap caters to traders exchanging coins against Ethereum, PancakeSwap is used to trade coins against Binance Coin.  

Uniswap and PancakeSwap both offer native analytics interfaces; however, their functionality leaves a lot to be desired. Additionally, they do not do a good job of showing price movement or individual transactions. RedFox Finance project offers the solution with charts, transaction tracking, and wallet tracking. 


The RedFox Finance project was launched in March, 2021. The RFF token was listed on CoinMarketCap in May however, the listing at CoinGecko is still to go through. The token chart has been released in the month of May and the wallet history is following whereas in the Q2  stacking and prices notification BSC. For the Q3 the team has so many ideas to improve existing features and to develop new features.



One can copy and paste any Binance Smart Chain token/Coin Smart Contract code to receive real-time information. When you click on ‘Chart’ in the navigation bar, the RFF token information is automatically updated here, but you can of course choose any BSC token you want. One can find information like MarketCap, Token Price, Daily Volume as well as Transactions. It is beginning to look like that DEX tools have finally arrived to offer real-time information on MarketCap of the coins. A real advantage for the investors here.

Moreover, if you scroll down, you will get information of the last 10 transactions performed on the chain.  What will attract the crypto newbies and enthusiasts to RedFox Finance is that all the information is updated in real time.


Once you scan your MetaMask Wallet here, all the tokens as well as coins stored in the wallet will be reflected here. You can check their real-time price here and take a quick decision, when you wish to sell your current holdings or add more to your portfolio. 


Here you can get real time information about tokens and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The thumbnails represent the current price of the coin/tokens and all the price gain/loss in percentages.  The dashboard loads up in a default manner and in the ‘search a coin’ section, one can reset it according to preference. 

Note- In order to add more than 3 rows one needs to own more than 1000 RFF tokens as well as be connected with the Metamask wallet. 

Source : bscdaily

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