RealFevr Partners with Torino FC of Italy’s Serie A

The move highlights the growing relationship between worldwide sports and Web3; as organizations begin to understand how they can tap into blockchain potential, this may be a sign of things to come.

Serie A Partner Secured

RealFevr has partnered with Serie A outfit Torino FC in a deal that will span to 2024 and involve a series of digital video Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles. 

The sports platform confirmed the move via their Medium on May 10 and will be hoping to create a collection featuring some of the biggest stars to have played in Italy from the nineties. With Torino FC holding the rights to every minute of every game they have played, the collaboration opens up significant avenues RealFevr can explore in constructing exciting new collections. BSC News caught up with RealFevr’s Head of Marketing, Delfim Cascais, regarding the exciting new partnership:

“As you know, the overall market sentiment is not good right now. However, RealFevr achieved an important milestone today: The first club has joined RealFevr’s ecosystem, Torino FC, Italy’s 7x Champion,” Cascais relayed. “This represents the first-ever club to officially shake hands with RealFevr, and many others will follow! Today, we can now proudly affirm that RealFevr will be the FIRST PROJECT IN THE WORLD to have fully licensed digital video collectibles from moments performed in the Serie A competition!”


RealFevr advised their users to expect exciting developments in the near future as they lead Web3’s foray into world sports, so it appears there will be plenty of rare NFTs to look forward to. 

“You can count on a future BSC NFT Drop with some of the best football superstars ever! We are the world’s first company bringing back Italian legends alive through web3,” Cascais capped off. 

How to Pick up the New NFTs

Those interested in discovering the rarest NFTs will need to climb aboard the RealFevr website and purchase their own digital packs available during the upcoming pack drops. Your chances are then down to fate as users begin to open packs and find out the rarity of their relevant digital assets. 

With the success of previous collectibles and pack drops from the Portuguese League in 2021, there may be more interest in the platform’s Serie A offering. The partnership with Torino FC represents a landmark moment as the platform secures its first inclusive deal with a football club. RealFevr has further indicated that the deal is the first of many to follow as football teams begin to register the potential of Web3. The team finalized their exciting announcement with this hopeful statement.

“RealFevr is about to catch some heavy momentum, as we have A LOT of things in store. Hop on the train, or you will miss this amazing ride!”

What is Torino FC: 

In its illustrious history, Torino FC has won Serie A seven times (1927/28, 1942/43, 1945/46, 1946/47, 1947/48, 1948/49, and 1975/76) as well as the Coppa Italia on five different occasions (1935/36, 1942/43, 1967/68, 1970/71 and 1992/93). In addition, the club was the runner-up in the 1991/92 UEFA Cup at the European level, losing in a two-legged final against Ajax.

Where to find Torino FC:

Website | Twitter |

What is RealFevr:

RealFevr takes a multipronged approach to football fandom. It began as a fantasy football application in 2015 and had over 2.5 million downloads with 1.2 million registered users. The protocol is now releasing the first-ever Football Video NFTs Marketplace, powered by BNB Chain. The protocol uses their $FEVR token as a Web 3.0 gateway to football’s greatest moments. The protocol is also a lending and borrowing protocol for fans to buy, sell, and profit from their collectibles.   

Where to Find RealFevr:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube | Telegram (News)

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