RealFevr Partners with Polkastarter for Whitelist and Guild Connection

The team has been diligent in terms of how it will launch its larger GameFi ambitions and are already beginning to etch their role in the speech.

GameFi Future for RealFevr

RealFevr has officially partnered with PolkaStarter, as they take another step closer to alpha testing for phase 2.0 for FEVR Battle Arena. 

The partnership was confirmed via Twitter on March 21 by PolkaStarter and signals the ambition of RealFevr as they are just beginning to embark on further innovation. 

“​​In partnership with @realfevr , we’re offering 50 new alpha testing spots for FEVR Battle Arena + an NFT pack PER TESTER!“ PolkaStarter explained in a follow-up tweet

The partnership is indicative of the relative excitement building around RealFevr’s progress and its ability to generate interest. With alpha spots on offer and an NFT pack at the ready PolkaStarter will likely see their fair share of interested users. 


The move comes not long after a series of updates regarding their marketplace were implemented by RealFevr alongside a teaser on gameplay. The project has been hard at work assessing their own standing within the larger PlaytoEarn community and underlining the ways in which they will attempt to offer a thriving product in the space.  


In a lengthy Medium post on March 17 RealFevr touched on the different offerings within the GameFi community at large and addressed several aspects within which they will attempt to distinguish themselves:

Lack of past game experience 

Fun and competition VS just an income source 

Unsustainable Gamenomics 

Pay to Win vs Free to play 

Progressive game experience 

NFT Marketplace Integrated 

NFT in-game assets with utility outside the game

What is RealFevr

RealFevr takes a multipronged approach to football fandom. It began as a fantasy football application in 2015 and has over 2.5 million downloads with 1.2 million registered users. The protocol is now releasing the first-ever Football Video NFTs Marketplace, powered by BNB Chain. The protocol uses their $FEVR token as a Web 3.0 gateway to football’s greatest moments. The protocol is also a lending and borrowing protocol for fans to buy, sell, and profit from their collectibles.   

Where to Find RealFevr:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube | Telegram (News)

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