RealFevr Announces Date For Second NFT Drop, September 30

After a successful first-round release of NFT packs in August that saw a total of $1.5 million spent, RealFevr has set the date for its second drop.

Second Drop Announced

RealFevr will look to build on its promising start after confirming its second Non-fungible Token (NFT) drop date, and also announcing a unique NFT of Cristiano Ronaldo’s first-ever career goal. 

The official Medium announcement set the date of September 30th for the second drop at 14:00 UTC. Can the power of Ronaldo propel the NFT sales to new heights?

“The first-ever Cristiano Ronaldo goal in his professional career will drop officially and exclusively in RealFevr’s second drop.” RealFevr CEO Fred Antunes revealed exclusively to BSC.News. “It is one of the most anticipated moments in the whole of football history. As it will never be repeated again, there will only be one NFT of Cristiano’s first goal ever.” 


With RealFevr having its roots in Portugal, the unique NFT consisting of the Portuguese hero, Ronaldo’s first goal is also likely to drive interest and price. 

“If the Drop #1 “UNIQUE” #NFT was sold for $89k in our #marketplace, how much will the FIRST-EVER GOAL of @Cristiano Ronaldo be sold for?” RealFevr tweeted the relevant question, as the assumption is the price will sky-rocket this time round. 

The prospective price of the aforementioned NFT may well skyrocket. 

How to Participate

The model will work on a first come first served basis, with only $FEVR allowing you to get your hands on one of 37,000 packs. 

Pack prices will vary based on whether you wish to purchase a ‘Basic’ pack with 3 NFTs ($15 in $FEVR), a ‘Rare’ pack with 4 NFTs ($75 in $FEVR), or a ‘Super Rare’ pack with 5 NFTs ($125 in $FEVR). Each pack has a chance of containing ‘Legendary’ or ‘Unique’ NFTs, with relevant probabilities listed here.


To allow to grab a pack, you’ll be able to purchase $FEVR at PancakeSwap (via BNB), Gate Exchange (via USDT), or UniSwap (via ETH)

About RealFevr

RealFevr takes a multipronged approach to football fandom. It began as a fantasy football application in 2015 and has over 2.5 million downloads with 1.2 million registered users. The protocol is now releasing the first-ever Football Video NFTs Marketplace, powered by Binance Smart Chain. The protocol uses their $FEVR token as a Web 3.0 gateway to football’s greatest moments. The protocol is also a lending and borrowing protocol for fans to buy, sell, and profit from their collectibles. 

Where to Find RealFevr:

Website – Twitter – Telegram – YouTube – Telegram (News)

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