Ratoken – Immersive Play-to-Earn MMORPG GameFi Experience

Ratoken is the first 3D-MMORPG GameFi on the Binance Smart Chain network, combining deflationary mechanisms into the gameplay.

Introducing Ratoken

Ratoken (Ran Online Token) is a 3D “real-life school” game set in real-life schools and cities, where players take the role of students gathering to protect different areas from evil forces. Play-to-earn Ratoken while you hunt monsters, level up, and sell items in-game market (the game has a real in-game market). Ratoken is the main in-game currency. It will be used for trading, exchanging, hunting, selling items, and more. Ratoken is designed to provide a unique tokenomics combined with a 3D-MMORPG game, and is completely free to play.

Key Features

Ratoken is part of a unique genre where real life and Sci-Fi collide. With gang-style heroism as the underlying theme, the storyline is based on a modern, campus-academy background where familiar surroundings and foreign adventures intertwine. Alongside the 360° rotational angle and stylish fighting action, RAN Online embodies several unique features:

In-Game Events and Bonus: Every occasion deserves a celebration; Hard-works deserve bonuses; and players deserve interaction! The in-game events are not just changes in the background or gift-giving sessions; exclusive Event dialogs and NPC will really show you how to “play the event”!

Club/Gang Fights: Tired of simple Monster-fighting or PvP? Street-sweeping Run Downs will truly demonstrate the meaning of “Survival for the Fittest” where swarms of players charge at you! Make a stand and run them down! That is, if you can…
Computer Lab Sieges will let those tactical minds play out strategies on how to defend or conquer the Campus Computer Labs. Once you take control of the lab, it’s time to put those money-making brains to work by adjusting the Trade-Rate! Can you say “Ka-Ching”?

Fashion Runway: For you stylish folks, think the uniforms are too “last-season”? Then design your own! Submit your designs and you can wear them and show them off~ If you don’t like what you’re wearing, change them! We all want to look nice and fashionable when we are fighting monsters.

Ratoken In-Game Currency: Our main feature is Ratoken. With Ratoken you can play the game and earn Ratoken at the same time. You can also spend Ratoken within the game.


Sacred Gate -SG

Sacred Gate Campus is known for its progressive experiments, special institutions, and emphasis on intensive skills training. It’s located in the left area of the Academy. Rumor has it that many secret experiments, researches and development are conducted inside the building. As a result SG produces an ideal environment with a looming, serene, and forbidding ambience for Fighters and Swordsmen. The dignified, blue uniforms are buttoning from top to bottom, with white-striped sleeves.

Mystic Peak – MP

Mystic Peak Campus is renowned for its arts and crafts; the environment displays colorful, vivid hues. Academy students who long to be imaginative and creative can choose this campus. Compared to the other two campuses, Mystic Peak Campus uses a livelier, richer decor. Mystic Peak’s stained glass windows reveal its emphasis on arts and crafts, a creativity-oriented campus which is tailor-made for Sorcerer students’ effervescent spirit. Their stylish uniform is in navy blue with white-striped sleeves.

Phoenix – PH

Phoenix Campus is known for its aristocratic setting, mostly attended by elite students. The campus recruits students from high society. These self-disciplined students are renowned for their perfection-driven lifestyles. The campus is an ideal location for Swordsmen and Archers students. Their decent uniform is navy top with white pants or skirts.

Leonine – Leo

The last of the campuses is Leonine of the east. Due to the curiosity of several students, the campus is now covered in a ghastly atmosphere and unknown chemical gases flowing in and out. No one could recall what the once glorious Leonine used to look like…


Fighter / Brawler

Fighters’ roles are to attack barehanded. The fighters use their hands and feet as the center to attack the enemies. One can focus to grow in the direction of ‘Sorcery Fist’ or ‘Solid Fist’ fighter. Fighters’ technique requires less time to summon energy but wears out within a short time. They are the most agile among all characters. Majoring in Fist is expedient but its power becomes relatively slow to use. In contrast, if one majors in Leg, the speed might be slow but its power is relatively stronger. Fist emphasized on Sorcery is slow but with explosive power.


The Swordsman are a representation of classic fighters; good at close contact fight with great strength and effective attacks. Characters that choose either Sword or Knife will grow in different directions and skill. Using Swords produces greater strength and dexterity since swords possess higher strength and agility values. Swords have better defense and higher hit rate but are weaker in attack compared to Knives. As one matures, it enables them to develop versatile skills. Using Knives, the key to maximize the weapon’s fatality rate is to assign all points to strength. Initial stage of using Knives can be arduous because of its low dexterity, high miss rate and weaker defense.


Archers excel at long distance attacking. Compared to Swordsmen, archers are weaker but more accurate attackers. Like Swordsmen with their weapon choices, Archers can either use a Longbow or Short Bow. For beginners, Short Bows produce higher minimum damage while Longbows produce maximum damage when they attain higher levels. Archers are agile, strong defenders who seldom miss.

Sorcerer / Shaman

Sorcerers’ roles are similar to those magicians. They have stronger auxiliary healer roles and use the weapons of Swordsmen. They can choose the following roles: using Spears as their main weapon, using mainly sorcery via Rods, or an auxiliary role Sorcerer can use either Spear or Rod. Using Spears produces maximum physical damage, but spells cannot be used. Using Rods produces lower physical damage, but various assault/ defensive spells are allowed. Spears and Rods have distinct characteristics and differences. For beginners these characters are the hardest to master among all four.

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