Ranking the Super Bowl’s Crypto Commercials

Come see how we interpreted the six crypto commercials from the big game.

Super Bowl Crypto Ads

Every Super Bowl, the advertisements almost steal more attention than the games themselves. Major corporations pay millions of dollars to vie for the eyes and attentions of the largest annual television audience.

This year, crypto companies rolled out the red carpet for a grand exposition into the mainstream. The ads featured a star-studded lineup showing a distinct maturation of crypto companies trying to make the industry seem accessible and, well, normal. The game’s location in Los Angeles opened the door for many celebrities to take the leap and put their names next to major crypto exchanges. Last year, there were zero crypto advertisements, and this year there were six, plus a slew of other crypto allusions. 

Here we’ll rank the six ads from worst to best.

Rankings of Crypto Ads from Super Bowl LVI

6-Nouns DAO ft. Bud Light

The  45-second beer ad featured a small but notable cameo from the Ethereum based NounsDAO. The short spot saw NounsDAO elements spattered in a few scenes. The classic NounsDAO glasses flashed on the face of a fine art painting with other interactive NFT art flickering on the screen. An untrained eye could have assumed this had nothing to do with crypto as the NounsDAO NFT images appeared on fine art across one scene. The small cameo shows just how easy it has become for crypto art and themes to seep into the mainstream. Both the ensuing partnership between NounsDAO and Budweiser as well as the ad itself helped further the conversation about the reach of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 


Crypto.com came back with their tried and true ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ commercial starring Matt Damon. Sticking with an already familiar ad seemed lame. It’s certainly expensive to have an add run during the Super Bowl, but when your biggest rivals are making big moves, one must think they could have got Matt Damon to do a second shoot on something specifically for the Super Bowl itself. With the commercial now a near common sight across numerous channels and networks, it’s hard to praise Crypto.com for this move. 


An advert that appeared over the Canadian broadcast of the game saw former Toronto Raptors and current Miami Heat NBA star Kyle Lowry explain how now is a great time to jump into cryptocurrencies. The commercial jokingly takes a dig at the missed shots by Lowry during his basketball career as similar to the missed chances he’ll get in crypto. A simple commercial with an easy message to follow, but as we’ll see, is not the only ad with this premise.


Everyone loves Larry David being Larry David. And there are few better contrarians in the world. The FTX commercial put the famed comedian as a bewildered time-traveler who missed out on several major investments and world events. Unfortunately, they should have put Larry in a better place: voicing support for crypto. I’d say the creativity behind the commercial lacked originality, considering BitBuy ran with a similar angle. The better production value also gives it the edge over BitBuy. Overall, it drove the message home, and Larry is always a hit, but the FTX ad lent more to be desired.


Although eTORO is not an outright cryptocurrency company, it is a top investment platform that has opened the door to cryptocurrencies. These types of companies and ads are great for helping onboard skeptical users. Some people may think it’s too much to open an account somewhere like Coinbase, Crypto.com, or other large exchanges. Have companies like eTORO that bridge the divide go far in the help newbs reach to the moon. 

1-Coinbase – Bouncing QR Code

The clear winner from the crypto advertisements. This was a very ambitious ad approach and easily the best ad based on immediate reaction. Taking this moment and just posting a QR code shows balls. The Coinbase ad prompted users to its website to access $15 of BTC for setting up an account before February 15. 

And then the Coinbase site crashed. Even the crashed site became its own story—what success for Coinbase. Coinbase paid an estimated $7 million, and it should definitely be considered a success. No big-name celebrity was needed to attract new users. Just a QR code opened the mysterious world of crypto to myriad new users.

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Honorable Mention: Binance #CryptoCelebAlert

It was definitely a day of firsts for many crypto companies and users. The day can hopefully be looked back on by many new crypto users as the memorable day that they bought their first crypto. If that happens, then these ads will all be a success. 

Source : bsc.news

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